Welcome to Estonia with children - photos, spas

Welcome to Estonia with children

Welcome to Estonia with children

Baltic neighbor Russia all good. Where you can feel like a medieval knight, wandering through the ancient streets of its cities, and soak up the beach during a short, but such hospitable Baltic summer. And rest in Estonia with children - is a lot of exciting excursions, theme parks, museums and places to vacation are helpful and happy.

"For" or "Against"?

To go on holiday to Estonia with children and can beby plane and by car. The convenient location of the state on the map of Europe - one of the undoubted arguments "for" when choosing a holiday destination. By the way the merits of such holidays are:

  • Perfect service in cafes, hotels, shops, entertainment centers in Estonia.
  • Nice price for all services in comparison with other European powers.
  • Short distances between cities, which makes it possible for one trip to see a lot of different cities and attractions.

Estonia's climate does not spoil the special summer heat andbecause the sea vacation with the kids is possible only in the height of summer. The swimming season is fairly short, and even in July and August the weather often does not have a long stay on the beach young tourists.

Preparing properly

Medical Travel Insurance and comfortableShoes for useful and interesting excursions should take its place in the travel suitcase. Walk during your holiday in Estonia with children will have a lot, because in this small European country there are hundreds of opportunities to spend time interesting and useful for young tourists, and for their parents.

Passwords turnout addresses

If the purpose of the trip - a summer beach holiday inEstonian children, better place than the resort of Narva-Jõesuu not find! There Narva River flows into the Baltic Sea, and the sandy strip of white sand overgrown with pine trees. The air on the beaches of Estonia - healthful and full of nutrients, and mineral water lapped from a local source to help strengthen the baby's health.
Cognitive excursion rest - itOf course, Tallinn, with its numerous museums and architectural landmarks. Older children seem interesting excursion to the Maritime Museum or one of the theme parks, and the kids will be delighted by a visit Puppet Museum or the Metropolitan Zoo.
Young lovers of science and adventure can spendAXXAA whole day in the center, where there is a real opportunity to participate in scientific experiments and to put into practice the knowledge acquired at school in the classroom chemistry or physics.


  • Welcome to Estonia with children
  • Welcome to Estonia with children

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