Estonian Holidays - tradition. National holidays in Estonia

Estonian Holidays

Estonian Holidays

Estonia holiday traditionally celebrated in a big and noisy. Total holiday events calendar includes 27 dates.

Birthday candles

Celebration Candles Day falls on 2 February. Celebrating its rather unusual. On the festive table decided to cook porridge and meat dishes, but be sure to pork. Women in this day not only allowed, but even supposed to drink red wine. It was believed that in this case, the summer will be warm and serene. Women were given the right to visit the restaurant, while the men were engaged in household chores.

Walpurgis Night

Residents of this night arrange nightly celebrations bycity, singing merry songs. Everywhere heard laughter and music. And it's not just. In the evening on April 30 Walpurgis night falls. It is now satisfied with his witch coven, and a loud noise may scare off evil spirits. Here the citizens and do their best.

Yaanov day

Yaanov (Ivanov) day is celebrated on June 24 and EstoniansThey consider it a day of magic and various miracles. Girls suit divination. To do this, you need to weave a wreath, which consists of nine types of flowers. After the wreath decorates the girl's head, she no longer has the right to talk. It is she, and must spend the night. According to the current belief in a dream to her betrothed will come and remove it.

Halloween (Samhain)

Halloween is traditionally celebrated in the night of 31of October. Urban residents dress up in costumes and in this way arrange carnivals. Children let out all their imagination free, dressing up in the most scary costume. And then with bags go home, scaring his views of its owners and threatening them with all sorts of troubles. You can buy them sweets. In fact, this classic Slavic Christmas carols, only in a more aggressive performance.

Kadrin day

In Estonia, there are a number of festive dates dedicated to the spirits. And Kadrin day - one. Qadri is the patroness of the sheep, so the pairing of livestock held on this day.

On a holiday made to dress, and children usethe tradition in full. Kids dress up in various fairy-tale characters and go to all the houses. Once the door is opened, the children sing a song, hoping to get for it sweetness.

fathers Day

Officially, the holiday began to celebrate in 1992,and you have it on the second Sunday in November. Until this date the majority of the inhabitants of the country is taken as a formal innovation, but gradually finds a growing number of fans.

Children give their fathers homemade cards. Most often, it is cut from paper ties or cars.


  • Estonian Holidays
  • Estonian Holidays
  • Estonian Holidays

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