Children's camps in Estonia in the summer. Children's camps in Estonia in 2015

Children's camps in Estonia

Children's camps in Estonia

A miniature country in Europe, which attractsmany tourists from around the world - it is Estonia. Its main advantage - the availability of access to the Baltic Sea. Therefore rest in Estonia is usually a trip to the coast.

The country is one of the EuropeanStates that have a unique flair. On the Estonian territory medieval fortress, medieval towns, ancient churches. The climate there is northern, temperate maritime to continental with the transition. Milder climatic conditions prevail in the west of the country, as there was influenced by the Baltic Sea. A miniature country's support for the development of tourism. Its inhabitants are proud of their history and carefully preserved cultural monuments. Travelers find this a very interesting country. Activities for adults and children is primarily a sightseeing orientation.

Children's camps in Estonia scattered throughoutcountry. The main tourist attraction is considered to Tallinn. This is the most ancient capital in the north of Europe. By itself, Tallinn is very beautiful. Tourists can make excursions around the city and relax on the beaches of the Baltic. Road to the Estonian camp - a unique chance to get acquainted with the amazing atmosphere of Tallinn. In addition, a trip to this country has a lot of advantages. Let us examine them in detail.

Advantages of children's activities in Estonia

  • The country is close to Russia, so the move is carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • Relaxation in Estonia on a European level. Many camps offer premium numbers.
  • Camp invites children of all ages.
  • In Estonia, there are health camps of different orientation.
  • Some camps and schools are functioning in the international format.
  • Children in the camp acquainted with Estonian culture, cuisine and customs of the locals.
  • The climate is favorable for recovery.

One of the most popular youth campsis Kurtna, located in the north-east of the country. It offers fascinating lessons and excursions. The Kurtna rest children from 7 to 17 years. If you want your child to spent active and vibrant vacation, submit it to the camp. The program includes hiking, competitions, parties and other intellectual activities.

Excursion programs of children's camps in Estonia

The main points in the program of any campa visit to Tallinn. In this city, children can admire the old architecture, "gingerbread houses", castles and towers. At the heart of Tallinn's considered the "Old Town". All tours of the Estonian capital include a visit to the area. Very interesting objects are the Dominican Monastery, the Church of St. Olaf, the ancient Town Hall and others.

Photos of children's camps in Estonia

  • Children's camps in Estonia
  • Children's camps in Estonia
  • Children's camps in Estonia

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