Taxis in Narva - price, order. How much is a taxi in Narva

Taxis in Narva

Taxis in Narva

Taxis in Narva is popular both with localsand guests of the Estonian city, because there are transportation services quickly and around the clock, and the cost pleases passengers attractive prices.

Taxi services in Narva

With the search for a taxi in Narva problems arise notIt must be - free of the machine can be found in the equipped parking lots, located in the busiest parts of the city (in this case the cost of the trip is likely to be paid by the meter readings). Another advantage of Narva taxi is a good idea that many drivers speak in Russian. Important: upon request a driver is obliged to give you a card to get acquainted with the operator, which reflects information about it, and there is a photo of him (ideally it should be placed on the dashboard).

Save a little on transportation costsby ordering a taxi by phone (as a rule, the price paid for the trip is carried out at fixed prices): (before the number you should dial + 372) 55 000 55 55977977, 50 44444. It should be noted that the payment for the order on the car phone will not be charged .

Optionally, you can use the services oftaxi company "Narva Takso" (+ 372 54 568 871) - This company is famous for its large fleet of vehicles and professional drivers. Turning to the company can not only carry out a trip around the city and beyond, but also, if necessary, order the service "sober driver".

If you will need to use trucks for transportation of 8 persons, the following numbers may be useful to call a taxi: 35 6 35 35 53 34 3 March.

The cost of a taxi in Narva

You do not know how much is a taxi in Narva? Check out the tariffs of local taxi:

  • for landing passengers pay 2 euros;
  • payment for 1 km of track in the afternoon made at a price of 1.5 euros, and in the dark - 2 euros;
  • waiting for the driver asked to pay 17 euro / 1 hour.

On average, a trip through the city costs about 5 euros.

Some taxi is possiblepay by bank cards - specify to the landing or in the process of calling a taxi through the manager, is there in the car terminal for receiving cards. Tip: to avoid being penalized in local taxis should not smoke.

If desired, you can rent a car Narvatogether with the driver (in this case, you do not have to be distracted driving, and thanks to the excellent knowledge of the city, drivers without traffic jams domchat you to the desired destination) - on average per hour customer service are asked to pay 15 euros. But if you plan to travel outside the city, the cost of the service will be calculated as follows: 7 euros / hour + 0.15 Euro / 1km (paid parking shall be paid by the passenger at the time of rental).

Planning to get acquainted with Narva and its surroundings? Take a taxi - it is profitable and convenient.

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  • Taxis in Narva
  • Taxis in Narva

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