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Tours in Narva

Tours in Narva

The first mention of this ancient Estoniansettlement accounts at the XII century, and the status of the city of Narva has received in the XIV century. It is considered the most Russian-speaking city in the country, and the local history and architectural sights are weighty reason to book a tour to Narva and become acquainted with the most eastern point of the Baltic States.

History and geography

The famous Narva Castle was founded in 1223Danes, who moved to the east in their conquests and reached the territory of Estonia today. And the first written mention of the village of Narva is contained in the Novgorod Chronicle in 1171. From the Danish city passed into the possession of Livonia Duchy, to deal with that in front of the castle across the river Narva Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of the Ivangorod fortress. Ivangorod and Narva, and today is shared by only the river banks, but official border obstacles seem much more serious and require visas and passports.

Briefly about the importance

  • In the capital of Estonia and the easternmost city established its regular bus service. The journey takes just over three hours. The train departs once a day and is a little longer.
  • The climate in this part of Estonia is quite soft,daytime temperatures even in the dead of winter rarely drops below -7 degrees. In summer, the heat can reach the mark of 30, but it is rather an anomaly. Basically the participants tours in Narva 25 guaranteed in the middle of July and August. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in June and October, and therefore the best time for a trip to Narva - a spring months.
  • The historic city center and is called VanalinnHere are the Cathedral and the Alexander Lutheran Church. In the cathedral especially revered icon of St.. Nicholas and Our Lady Hodegetria of Narva. They are considered to be miraculous and serve the cause of committing pilgrimage tours to Narva.
  • Narva Castle is best preserved among the other defensive structures Estonia. Its territory is interesting not only a museum, but also acting craft workshops.
  • Having planned tours to Narva in May or August, you can become participants and spectators of the International Festival of Music named after Mravinsky and historical festival.
  • Getting around the city is possible by bus ortaxi, but all the sights of Narva, located quite close to each other, and therefore should take care of comfortable shoes to walking a pleasure.


  • Tours in Narva
  • Tours in Narva

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