Ethiopia Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Coat of arms of Ethiopia

Coat of arms of Ethiopia

Coat of arms of the Republic of Ethiopia is a pentagram golden color that spreads the rays of the same color. Ethiopia coat of arms is blue as the primary.

On the coat of arms of the Ethiopian Empire

Imperial coat of arms was the main character - a crowned golden lion. He - Ethiopian gold crown. Leo brings the left leg Ethiopian flag, is a cross-shaped pommel.

Leo is at the foot of the throne of the emperor. Surrounded by Archangels - Michael and Gabriel. Archangels have golden halos over their heads, all dressed in white clothes and have white wings. Michael holds a sword that looks down on the left hand holds the scales, raised up. Gabriel is holding a golden scepter and picks it up. Sceptre has a cross-shaped pommel. In his left hand the angel holds a palm branch green.

All these figures are portrayed against the backdrop of the mantlered fringed golden color. Mantle ligated palm branches, too green, golden cords, tassels of the same color. All this is topped by the Ethiopian crown.

Small coat of arms of the Ethiopian Empire

Small coat of arms of the empire had such constituent elements:

  • Leo crowned Ethiopian crown.
  • Leo emblem on it, as opposed to the large, - the natural color.
  • The lion paw carries a staff of golden color, having a cross-shaped pommel.
  • Staff has two golden ribbon with a golden fringe.
  • Leo is located on the grassy foothills.

The value of some characters

Background Emblem Blue color has a deep symbolicfor the people of Ethiopia importance. It means peace. The five-pointed pentagram golden color - a symbol of the unbreakable unity of the peoples living in Ethiopia.

Coat of arms of the Socialist Ethiopia

In the socialist period in the coat of arms of EthiopiaSome changes have been made. It was a picture of a bird that flies against the backdrop of the golden color of the sun. Blue same drive was bordered by green branches, intertwined in a wreath. The sun's rays crowned five-pointed star - a common symbol for all the socialist countries.

After the overthrow of the pro-regime emblemEthiopia has changed: the extra characters have been removed from it. It was approved the final version of the coat of arms of Ethiopia, which the country enjoys to this day since 1996.


  • Coat of arms of Ethiopia

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