5 worst places in Europe

5 worst places in Europe

5 worst places in Europe

The only day of the year, when the ghosts of the deadand spirits visit the earth. That is the one of the original meanings of Halloween. In fact, this festival is a wild mixture of pagan and Christian traditions, which is intertwined with funny scary. On the occasion of October 31 our portal remembered eerie five points in Europe, where there is a chance to get in touch with the other world. At least, so they say ...

Bathory Castle Erzhbety

Čachtice, Slovakia
48 ° 43'29 "with. w. 17 ° 45'39 "a. d.
Erzhbeta Countess (Elizabeth) Bathory sadfamous outside his native Hungary, to which at that time were in these parts. According to legend, in a large gloomy castle she practiced black magic, tortured and killed young girls and then took baths from their blood, trying to secure these eternal youth. According to witnesses, she was deprived of life from a few tens to a few hundreds of their peasants, before the rumors concerned authorities to take over the investigation. However, there are opinions that the case was completely fabricated in order to be subjected to "sawing" untold riches Bathory. Anyway, the last three years of his life the Countess spent almost immured in the basement of the castle Chahtitskogo. He was subsequently destroyed. Now, the stories of visitors, the ruins began the restoration, and the entrance is closed inside. However, there is nothing stopping to look at this terrible place outside.

Catacombs of the Capuchins

Palermo, Italy
38 ° 06'42 "with. w. 13 ° 20'21 "in. d.
In Italy and throughout Europe, more than one suchplace, but the catacombs in Palermo is considered one of the most impressive. This cemetery, but unusual - the dead body put on public display in the basement of the monastery. In the catacombs of the special climate, so many of them have themselves mummified. The dead festively dressed - who is in uniform, who are in habit, and who in a suit and tie. Some stand, some form a family or professional groups ... In the catacombs ceased to bury only towards the middle of the XIX century. Prior to this it was possible to not only inspect the cellars as tourists, but also keep an eye on a place for themselves - to be buried in the Capuchin was considered, and still is considered very prestigious.


Kiev region, Ukraine
51 ° 24 's. w. 30 ° 03 'in. d.
City Energy, built specifically forChernobyl nuclear power plant maintenance, the whole became a memorial to one of the worst man-made disasters, which, according to some estimates, has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Nearly 50-thousand population was evacuated in 1986, a few days after the accident. People left in the houses furniture, dishes, books, toys. All this is still lying in homes, on staircases and in the streets, where he grew up and run through the forest wild boars and wolves. Graffiti, which depicts the silhouettes of children frighten visitors - now! Chernobyl exclusion zone can be visited with an organized tour. More recently, it is considered relatively safe to visit. But you still need to be very careful, "Consequences of radiation and radioactive contamination is a factor, excluding insurance payment under the policy of the traveler" - warns the director of the insurance company Intouch Mikhail Yefimov.


Wiltshire, England
51 ° 25'43 "with. w. 1 ° 51'15 "W. d.
Avebury - a "big brother" of Stonehenge, the mostlargest in Europe (about 12 ha) and a little less well-known complex of megaliths. As with other similar sanctuaries, scientists only a guess about who, when and why to build it. Myths that megaliths - the gateway to another world, built by the Druids, in fact duller than reality: the radiocarbon analysis showed that Stonehenge, Avebury and other similar objects in the hundreds, if not over a thousand years older. About Avebury go mystical stories. One of them says that one day a local barber tried to destroy the pagan temple and was immediately crushed stone. Another - in Avebury saw ghostly fair. By the way, very close to Avebury are even more mysterious ancient roads, burial mounds and megalith.

Sedlec Ossuary

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
49 ° 57'42 "with. w. 15 ° 17'17 "a. d.
The interior of the chapel is entirely made ofhuman bones. According to various sources, to "decorate" went from 40 000 to 70 000 skeletons. That way the original medieval landowners decide the problem of overcrowding in the local cemetery by war and plague. Like the catacombs in Palermo, at the same place for a long time it was very prestigious for burial. Because the bones are built monstrance, a huge chandelier, flag holders and much more. The chapel can be free to visit for tourists.

Author: Julia Nikitina


  • 5 worst places in Europe
  • 5 worst places in Europe
  • 5 worst places in Europe
  • 5 worst places in Europe
  • 5 worst places in Europe

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