The most beautiful cities of Europe - photo

The most beautiful cities of Europe

The most beautiful cities of Europe

Europe is very rich in interesting and beautifulcities. It is very difficult to name the most beautiful of them, because a lot of them and all of these cities, you can tell a lot. Here you will learn about several European cities, but they considered only the most beautiful in Europe, of course, is not necessary.


Barcelona is considered to be the cultural capitalSpain - a kind of Spanish St. Petersburg. There is a very large number of attractions. In addition, in this city I was born such greats as Picasso, Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi.
Of interest is to provide BoulevardRambla. This is the famous pedestrian street, whose length is more than a kilometer. Starting from Boulevard Plaza Catalunya and ends at the monument to Columbus. There is an interesting sign associated with this boulevard. In Catalunya there is a small drinking fountain - Kanaletas. According to accept everyone who drinks of this fountain, be sure to come back to Barcelona again.


The capital of France must necessarily fall intomy beautiful cities in Europe. Paris from the first minute of any tourist charms. symbol of the city - the Eiffel Tower, the first thing you will see arriving in Paris. Known worldwide tower rises above the city, up to which the Paris you, at a glance.
Also, we should mention landmarks such as the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Champs Elysées.


Another city that was on our listbeautiful cities of Europe - London. The capital of the UK as well as other European cities is unique and ready to show off their sites. The symbol of the city is the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London has long been the center of London.
Of the many attractions to be pointed out Big Ben, hardly someone at least once heard about the third highest clock tower. The weight of the big bell tower is 13 tons.


Another city, which will be marked in thearticle - a Geneva. The Swiss city is the capital of the world, since it is the largest center of business activity in the world. In Geneva, the headquarters of major international organizations such as the UN, WTO and the Red Cross.
List of the most beautiful cities in Europe can becontinue for a long time, as dozens of wonderful towns can be identified in each country within Europe that are rich in sights and interesting past.


  • The most beautiful cities of Europe
  • The most beautiful cities of Europe
  • The most beautiful cities of Europe
  • The most beautiful cities of Europe

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