European River - pictures, list description

Rivers of Europe

Rivers of Europe

If you like to travel by boat and it is the best, in your opinion, the way to explore the world, almost all the rivers of Europe are at your disposal


The journey should start from Amsterdam or Basel. But then what direction would not be chosen, the trip would be incredibly interesting.

During the trip it is possible to appreciate the beautyGothic cathedrals of ancient cities and medieval castles on the Rhine - a sixty-four kilometers of charming castles, magnificent cathedrals and spiers. It draws attention Loreley. According to legend, she threw herself to the young girl, who has not received an answer to their feelings.

During the river cruise on the Rhine must-see vineyards Rüdesheim and Heidelberg.


This is the journey through France. Home tour on the Seine, of course, Paris, and then - to the north, through the territory of Normandy to the English Channel at Le Havre. Stop to do in Rouen - a city which has become a place of execution of Joan of Arc.


In this case, the route will pass throughin Portugal and Spain. The river passes through a completely charming place. At the beginning of the road is the town of Porto, then the path goes down the river to the border with Spain.

Traditional Portuguese entertainment -wine degustation. Refusing to evaluate the possibility of excellent wines is not worth it. Be sure to make a stop to view the Lamego and its magnificent church of the eighteenth century. And be prepared to overcome the 866 steps of the staircase, made in the Baroque style.


List of countries through which the Danube,quite extensive. These are: Austria; Hungary; Serbia; Croatia; Bulgaria; Romania. The origins of the Danube takes in the Black Forest (Germany), and only then embark on their long journey.

Traditionally, especially a lot of experience gives Vienna. After all, she is the most beautiful city in Europe. But no less delight cause visiting Budapest, Salzburg and Linz.


Elbe - river originating in the Czech Republic, andending in Germany. Although during the river cruise in Prague and Berlin remain somewhat aloof, but along the way a lot of other equally charming towns. For example, in Dresden a must-see home porcelain. A Czech town of Litomerice give guests charming views.

Journey of the Water - the best option and unhurried acquaintance with Europe.


  • Rivers of Europe
  • Rivers of Europe
  • Rivers of Europe

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