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Europe Trains

Europe Trains

Traveling through Europe by train is very convenient. Rail provides a more comfortable journey tour than a bus. In European countries moved a large number of different types of trains. Conditions of service in them differ. European trains are night and day.

Features of the European Railway

Seats are equipped with daily trains. They are no wires, and for embarking and disembarking people watching conductors. Cars, trains are divided into first and second class. Also used the division into smoking and nonsmoking compartments. In the corridors, lobbies and bathrooms No smoking. The passenger can purchase a ticket for a single trip or ticket without reserving a certain place. To take a comfortable place, it can be booked by paying a few euros. Reservation is required to occur in many TGV trains.

Europe Day trains are divided intohigh speed rather regional and suburban. Each country has its own railway network and its own rules of carriage of passengers. The railways of different countries are connected to the overall system. Using a map of railways, tourist can independently travel plans. For long-distance travel in Europe using high-speed trains, which differ higher level of comfort and the absence of noise.


Standard train tickets in Europe costquite expensive. The ticket price is calculated according to tariff zones and mileage. The rate of growth of cost decrease proportionally to the distance. Standard tickets can be handed over to the cashier when needed. The ticket is valid for a short trip a few days. If the trip is long, the ticket shall be valid for a month or longer.

Train schedule can be found in Europethe Internet, for example, site, et al. Different schedules based on a single database. The network schedule comes three months before the trip. Changes to the schedule take place at the beginning of summer and the beginning of December. In many European countries the price of w / d transportation are reduced by a discount. Very popular retirement and youth discounts that can reduce the cost by 30% or more. Used as discounts on sightseeing trips back and forth.

To travel through Europe by train, notbe sure to buy tickets from all the interesting areas. It is enough to buy them online, changing the route in its sole discretion. Booking in advance is better to do, if you want a certain place in the compartment. Place in a sitting car you can take right before the train departure.


  • Europe Trains
  • Europe Trains

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