Trip to Europe

Trip to Europe

Trip to Europe

A trip to Europe - a great opportunity to visit amazing places, so important to know how it's best to travel between cities.

Public transport

Most of the major European cities offera well-developed public transport network. This subway line, bus and tram links, as well as taxis. Trolleys can be found only in a few cities. They are almost completely supplanted the tram as a passenger capacity of the vehicle view.

Many European cities offer and guests, andlocals such service as the purchase of a single ticket. It allows you to travel on all public transport within a certain time period. And it may be one day, a week or a month. If you purchased a ticket for a certain number of trips, each time landing it must be composted. This can be done using a special device, which is on every bus stop or subway platform. Punch a ticket can be, and after landing, while inside the vehicle.

travel prices are quite high, but it is quitejustified, because the quality of traffic is excellent. Purchase tickets most often done through a special automated cash. Payment can be made both in cash and by means of a credit card.

The most interesting sights in the planEuropean cities offer visitors a special tourist tickets. In addition to discounts on travel, you will additionally be able to get a variety of additional benefits, such as discounts on museum display, or local attractions.


If you are not willing to pay, then orderedtaxi only need to call or take an official parking. Conveniently, the application can leave a voice mail on the company and the taxi still come. Importantly, do not forget to specify the address and exact time.

Catch a street car flow makes no sense here, since the private carting prohibited. And learn the official free taxi on the burning checkered.

The easiest way to catch the car in Germany sincethis country really a lot of extra taxi drivers are forced to search for clients. If we talk about the prices, the cheaper cost of a trip to Lisbon. The most expensive services - in London.

You also need to know what to tip taxi driversgive is not accepted. But at the same time all the drivers "forget" to give change. And if you're not willing to pay more than indicated on the meter, you can claim the money back.

Railway transport

If Western Europe is rapidly reducing the number of railway transport, in the territory of Eastern Europe tourists prefer to travel is by train.


  • Trip to Europe
  • Trip to Europe

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