Holidays in Europe with children - photos, spas

Holidays in Europe with kids

Holidays in Europe with kids

Europe - a whole world for the traveler. Varied, fun and educational vacation in Europe with children often becomes the object of desire for those who are accustomed to comfort, high level of service and has been reluctant to take a sip of the exotic Eastern countries. Go to any of the states of the Old World, so show your child a world where beauty and harmony reigns.

"For" or "Against"?

Holidays in Europe with kids can not seem cheap, but with the right preparation and organization of its pros far outweigh the few drawbacks.
The main advantages of a European vacation -relatively short flight, high level of service and familiar in many a kitchen in which menu you can find a variety of dishes for even the youngest. And holidays in Europe with kids - it is profitable and shopping. The local stores can help parents to dress cheap and stylish younger generation.

Passwords turnout addresses

Places for a comfortable, educational, health and other other European vacation with children abound. The most popular addresses are well known to experienced travelers:

  • To penetrate into the secrets of ancient civilizations and theirsee for textbook illustration of the history of the ancient world can be in Italy and Greece. Here every stone was once part of the architectural wonder of the world, and any museum keeps a greater treasure than all the tombs of the pharaohs together.
  • Tan and learn to swim at bestCroatian, Cypriot or a Spanish beach. Prices for water activities in these countries, the most pleasant and discounts on accommodation in hotels for minors will enable travelers to get on vacation to the sea, even large families.
  • Amusement parks - a holiday in Europe with kidswhich is hard to forget, even becoming a parent himself. Spain and Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany - the Europeans are trying to outdo each other in the construction of new attractions that kids only adds a good mood during the holidays.
  • Ski resorts in Europe - it is not necessarily"Black" tracks and dizzying descents only for pros. Bulgaria and Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic willing to offer their services to budding athletes, and such monsters organization winter holiday as Finland or Norway is famous for its strong ski school.
  • Therapeutic and children's health resorts of Europe- Is Slovenian and Czech mineral springs, where water lapped able to cure hundreds of diseases and enhance immunity schoolboy before the next school year.


  • Holidays in Europe with kids
  • Holidays in Europe with kids
  • Holidays in Europe with kids

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