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Western Europe

Western Europe

Old World is traditionally divided into severalregions, including West Europe - one of the most popular excursion and tourist terms. Not little interest its member countries present and for the beach tourism fans, and for the followers of gastronomic travel, and for sufferers to learn foreign languages ​​in close contact with their carriers, and therefore the Schengen visa, our compatriots are increasingly open for the sake of visiting the most western European countries .

Cards on the table!

The region, known as the West of Europe, includes the seven countries, the name of each of them mellifluous inquisitive traveler:

  • Austria - the birthplace of the great Mozart. Vienna State Opera and the famous coffee houses of the Austrian capital, the Hofburg imperial palace and the museum, which stores noise are real treasures of bygone eras, ski resorts and royal balls - a tourist trip to Austria always promises exciting sea adventures.
  • Britain does not need advice. Her perfect English - an occasion for educational trips and attractions royal scale - a tasty morsel for fans of classical European values.
  • Tourists in Germany really torn apart,because so many fun and interesting places, stunning scenery, centers of winter recreation, and finally, beers within a few thousand miles to find impossible.
  • Visit to Ireland, then to unravel the secretquatrefoil, better tasting varieties of ale, and learn how to prepare now chop. However, in the culinary experiments in the country the set of locks will hardly manage to find time, but because it will be enough at least to try the signature dish at local skilled housewives.
  • About Spain can talk for a long time. Sangria, skiing, golden beaches and the immortal work of Gaudi - are only a small part of its undoubted advantages. And in the country of Cervantes, you can arrange a convenient shopping and learn to dance flamenco.
  • Portugal is open to all the winds, and welcomemeets those who are not afraid to look into the eyes of the ocean, standing on the edge of a cliff in the west of Europe. Portuguese beach resorts provide the perfect tan, and waves - a magnificent surfing. Bonus are tasting this port at his home and walks in outlandish colorful streets of Porto and Lisbon.
  • On France's all or nothing, but because this countrybetter to see once. Romantics and pragmatists, love and divorced, young and wise - lavender fields, Sacré-Coeur and the marshes of Camargue white mustangs will not allow anyone to give up and fly away, leaving at least here on the soul.


  • Western Europe
  • Western Europe

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