What to take to Europe. What kind of things and medications to take with him to Europe

What to take to Europe

What to take to Europe

Europe, millions of tourists visit every year. It is rich in natural and architectural attractions. Travelers attract picturesque mountains (the Carpathians, the Alps), majestic rivers (Volga, Danube), beautiful lakes (Chud, Ladoga, Lake Balaton), and other natural objects. To decide what to take to Europe, it is necessary to take into account the particular climate of the country you have chosen to visit. Collect suitcases or bags tourists start a few days before departure. This allows you to take things carefully selection process. If you are planning an intense journey: 5-10 cities for the trip and a maximum of 2 days in each city, then you will have to carry the luggage very often. In this case, it is necessary to take only what you will need. Superfluous things to put in your suitcase should not be. Use these tips to collect luggage properly:

  • Take a minimum amount of clothing. Suffice it to 2-3 t-shirts, underwear and a pair of 3 pairs of socks. All of these things can be easily wash and dry at the hotel for the night.
  • Shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairdryerit is necessary to take with you. If you are traveling alone, then take one compact hair dryer for two. At the reception in each hostel has a hair dryer, but it usually happens ket busy.
  • Minimum of drugs in the medicine cabinet. Take painkillers, plasters and other medications that are necessary for you. The packaging must be easy to read names of medicines. This avoids questioning the customs officer.
  • Travel set: spoon, knife, fork.
  • Miniature padlock to close the safe at the hotel.
  • Small souvenirs for local residents.

Important tourist attributes, which must carry with them:

  • international passport,
  • visa,
  • cash (cash, bank card)
  • phrasebook,
  • insurance,
  • international driver's license (if any).

Going to Europe, do not forget to do a couplephotocopies of all these documents. They also recommend that you save in your email box. Collecting things, you have to fold them correctly. Cash should be divided into several pieces and put separately. Passport and copies are also put in a different part of the suitcase. Thus, the documents have to be stored in 3-4 places. Passport previously put in waterproof file. Experienced travelers recommend storing documents in wearable tourist handbags, pockets. Under the clothes they are not noticeable. In addition, such bags do not absorb moisture. If you want to bring your bank card, you should give preference to bank cards in Europe. If you do not have this, then take a credit card MasterCard, Visa, Dinners Club or American Express.

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  • What to take to Europe

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