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Turku Airport

Turku Airport

Turku Airport is located in the same cityFinland. This airport is one of three largest in the country in terms of passenger traffic and flights served. Every year served about 400 thousand passengers. The airport is located about 10 kilometers north of the city center. The owner is a big Finnish airline Finavia, which maintains a network of 25 airports.
The airport has one runway,whose length is 2500 meters, as well as two passenger terminals. This year the company plans to Finavia serious work on the modernization of the airport.


The history of Turku airport begins with 1956, when it was put into operation the airport.
In 2008 the number of passengersIt has exceeded 300 thousand. Currently, the airline Finavia planned reconstruction of the airport, which will help to significantly increase the maximum throughput of the airport.


Turku Airport offers passengers allessential services that you might need on the road. For hungry guests of the airport terminal in the territory of cafés and restaurants. In addition, passengers can always visit the Duty-Free shops and buy the necessary goods there.
Also at the terminals operate ATMs, banks, post office, luggage storage, etc.
If necessary, passengers can always ask for help in a clinic or buy the necessary medicines in a pharmacy.
For passengers with children at the airport working mother and child room. For tourists traveling in business class, presented separate waiting rooms with high level of comfort.
For passengers with personal vehicles Airport offers ample parking.

Getting there

From the airport to the city of Turku can be reached in several ways. The most popular among tourists - a bus. He regularly sent from the terminal building every 20 minutes, and should be in the city.
Also, the city can be reached by taxi and parking are located at the exit of the terminal.

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