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The best restaurants in Helsinki

The best restaurants in Helsinki

In recent years, more and more populargain is not quite the usual gastronomic tours. Among the countries that are ready to surprise the traveler tastes and flavors - Paris, Rome, Berlin. Meanwhile, the best Helsinki restaurants can compete with the recognized leaders in the culinary and cooking art.

A large number of dishes of venison and fish, freshvegetables and fruits makes Finnish cuisine is very helpful, generous and tasty. Especially good after many hours of walking to the sights of the Finnish capital to find a small restaurant with soft music and cozy atmosphere to dive into the memories of what he saw.

Finnish delicacy

The most interesting national dishes can betry the restaurant Juuri. It is here that the so-called sapas served - delicious meals from organic products. Many tourists who have visited here before, discovered the amazing recipes, such as:

  • cheese, baked with oregano grass;
  • pike caviar in cream sauce;
  • unusual jam from the familiar gooseberry;
  • homemade sausage with cranberry sauce.

The wine list of this restaurant is also quite impressive. For many visitors are opening biodynamic and organic wine served here.

In the Far North

Nokka - one of the most popular localresidents of restaurants. Guests are also very fond of this place, because here you can sample traditional northern cuisine. In the menu - many exotic venison, which certainly served with cranberry sauce, various sorts of salted and smoked herring. A wide selection of wines will delight fans of the sun drink, just to book a place in advance is, otherwise you may be left behind.

Finnish cuisine - at a height of

Olo - one of the chic establishments of the Finnish capital,I managed to get a Michelin star, which is a recognition in the professional cooking skills. restaurant management did not attach too much importance to interior of the restaurant, they are quite modest. And so nothing distracts the visitor from the taste serves. But here everything is fine as Chekhov, and taste, and appearance.

Young people looking for gastronomic discoveriesHelsinki will also find some amazing restaurants where signature cuisine dominates the young and daring cooks. There are not afraid to experiment with flavors and products are ready to surprise even the most experienced gourmet.


  • The best restaurants in Helsinki
  • The best restaurants in Helsinki
  • The best restaurants in Helsinki

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