The capital of Finland: map, photo. What is the capital of Finland?

Helsinki - capital of Finland

Helsinki - capital of Finland

Finland's capital, Helsinki, isdirectly on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Capital has to offer and retreat, designed exclusively for two, and noisy fun weekend for young companies, and excellent ekskursionku.

Suomenlinna Fortress

Located on the island fortress with an interestingcalled "Wolf Skerries." Suomenlinna appeared here after the war of 1741-1743, and it was assigned the role of the protective structure. Today it is a huge museum, located in the open air. Log in here is free.

Senate square

Senate square of the capital known worldwide. It appeared after Finland became part of the Russian Empire, and is decorated in the style of late classicism. Center Square is decorated with the statue of Alexander II, and behind him stands the Cathedral.

Fountain Havis Amanda

Do not admire the fountain, quietly passing by,it is simply impossible. Towering over him nude bronze nymph, it is a symbol of the capital, and the fountain has long been a favorite meeting place. Especially fun here on May 1 a day "Finnish student." Nymph is traditionally worn on the head of the university's cap, and the area itself becomes a place of mass youth festivals.

Please note that your back is turned to the nymphwindows administration, located on the same square. In this respect there is a certain legend. The fountain was built in 1906, but the nymph took her honorary central place in just two years. Besides the mayor, to put it mildly, I was somewhat displeased nudity girl, and significantly cut the sculptor's fee. In retaliation, he turned her backside to the windows of her abuser.

Assumption Cathedral

The biggest Orthodox cathedral, whichIt located on the territory of Western European countries. Find it very simple. Go to the center of the capital, where, on a rocky hill covered with lilac, and you will see this magnificent building.

Temppeliaukio Church

A very unusual structure, carveddirectly inside the rock. Architects boulder blasted inside and built on top of the dome, visually more like a huge television dish. But not only affects the appearance of the church is more like a large shopping center, but also the interior.

The church room is regularly used for concerts of organ music. The greatest musicians of our time, Mstislav Rostropovich considered local best acoustics in the world.


  • Helsinki - capital of Finland
  • Helsinki - capital of Finland
  • Helsinki - capital of Finland

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