Helsinki for 2 days: where to go to Helsinki

Helsinki for 2 days

Helsinki for 2 days

The capital of Finland is considered one of the mostfavorable for the life of the cities on the planet. You care about the environment, monitor the purity of not only the streets, but the air, bake cakes with cloudberries and gladly take guests. The latter fact is a decisive argument for holding in the capital of Suomi weekends and holidays. Even a simple trip to Helsinki for two days - a great way to inexpensively and exciting change of scenery.

unassailable fortress

One of the main architecturalattractions of the capital of Finland - the fortress Sveaborg. It was erected as a bastion fortifications on the islands, and the construction of the XVIII century with honor to defend the capital from attacks by the Gulf of Finland.
Seven Islands, which are the walls of Sveaborg,called wolf Skerries. Here are preserved ramparts and cannons, bridges and churches. On one of the islands open a museum telling the history of the castle, and the structure itself for over twenty years, is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

At the Senate Square

In the Helsinki for 2 days you can see all hisTop landmarks and memorials. The city's main square is named in honor of the Senate once located on her eponymous institution. Today the mansion meets the Finnish Government, and in front of the building housed the Department of the University of Helsinki.
The architectural dominant of the square and all the oldthe city - it is a magnificent Cathedral. Lutheran temple called Tuomiokirkko, and its main dome was designed and built the famous master Engel.

For smaller brothers

Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki - one of the mostthe oldest in Europe. And it is located to the north of many of his "brothers," and this, too, is his feature. Helsinki Zoo is considered the symbol of the snow leopard, and the zoo collection of more than 200 different species of wildlife of the planet.
If you vacation in Helsinki fell to the summer,to get to the zoo the best on a ferry going from the Market Square. Boat trip becomes an independent exciting adventure, but with the board of the ferry offers great opportunities for panoramic shooting Suomi capital. Winter visit to the animal kingdom will give no less exciting opportunity not only to communicate with the animals, but also admire the sculptures of ice, taking part in the annual competition.


  • Helsinki for 2 days
  • Helsinki for 2 days

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