Helsinki for children - what to see. Where to go with the child in Helsinki

Helsinki for children

Helsinki for children

Trip with children in Helsinki will not be boring. After all, children are plenty of amusement parks and all of them quite extensive and interesting.

Water parks

Take, for example, water parks. They are two in Helsinki:

  • "Serena" water park
  • water park "Flamingo"

Aquapark "Serena" - the largest water park in theall the Scandinavian Peninsula. Part of the slides did not work in the winter, since it is in the open part of the water park. Himself a water park, "Serena" is located in the rock massif and is located in the forest.
Waterpark "Flamingo" is striking in its stylisticSolution: being here, do you feel in an exotic country. Everywhere colorful paintings and painted figures of animals. Just as in Africa or Mexico.

House of Santa Claus

The most popular Santa Claus HouseEspoo in the Helsinki suburb. Here come those who did not get to his residence in Lapland. In the house of Santa Claus kids meet elves. They say that Santa Claus loves to listen to the speech of Russian children.


For fans of intellectual leisure inHelsinki has Lumous Museum of Natural History. It exhibited the skeleton gigantozavra other zoological exhibits. There are models of dinosaurs and extinct animals. Children will be interesting scenes from the life of animals: tiger catches the antelope, bear dives under the ice.
The underwater world can also be viewed in Helsinki. Live fish and inhabitant of the oceans are the aquarium Sea Life. The entire exhibition is conceived in such a way to attract children of different ages. Here and jobs for older children and a creative zone for kids. Without doubt like multicolored fish and the predators of the sea '. It is worth noting here that there are jobs, and in Russian.

Amusement park

And of course, if you are in Helsinkichildren, be sure to visit the amusement park. There will be fun for children of all ages, even infants. Many attractions for the little ones - cars, trains - is completely free. The kids will love riding on the machine in the form of cups or egg.
For older children there is a truly extreme entertainment. This is a "roller coaster" and "mad flow", where the descent occurs in boats.
Here, as elsewhere, there are different themed cafe where children are entertained while the adults eat.

Children's Center "Murulandiya"

For the youngest children there are in Helsinkimagnificent development center. Here are toys for different methods. And they can touch, move, all can play. The whole area is divided into little rooms for kids of various ages. At the center, there is even a special room for mothers where they can sleep while the children are under the supervision of teachers.


  • Helsinki for children
  • Helsinki for children

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