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Prices in Helsinki

Prices in Helsinki

The capital of Finland is near abroad forpeople living in St. Petersburg. After spending about 5 hours on the road, you will be in Helsinki. It is the largest metropolis of the country, which offers travelers a lot of interesting entertainment. Consider the price in Helsinki for tourism services.


In the capital, the Finns have a lot of options forcomfortable accommodation. Here tourists waiting hostels and hotels of different classes. In Helsinki, you can rent an apartment, an apartment or a cottage. If you want to spend in the city a couple of months, it is better to rent an apartment. In the city center accommodation with one bedroom costs about 1000 euros per month. Two-bedroom apartment will cost much more - about 1,800 euros per month. Apartment close to the edge can be rented for 740 euros.

Power in Finland

Arriving in Helsinki, you'll find plentyexcellent cafes and restaurants, which serves delicious and inexpensive meals. The restaurants offer national dishes Finns in the cafe do, basically, coffee and desserts. Across the country, there are fast food places. These include McDonald's and Hesburger, where the prices are almost the same. Dinner for two at the luxurious restaurant will cost about 150 euros. In a typical restaurant prices below where you can have lunch for 50 euros for two. Refreshments at the pizzeria is 5-10 euros.

Transport in Helsinki

Tourists usually prefer to usepublic transport. The bus trip is 2.7 euros. On the month, you can purchase a travel card worth 46 euros. Those people who travel on their own transport, concern the price of gasoline. Today in Helsinki, the cost of 1 liter of gasoline is 1.66 euros. Landing in a taxi will cost 7 euros per km charge 1.5 €.


The Finnish capital becomes a place of yearinternational festivals, competitions, workshops and exhibitions. There you will find many interesting sites and attractions. Tickets in galleries and museums stand for 8 - 10 euros. Tickets for children are cheaper in 2 times. Entrance to the zoo is 12 € for adults and € 6 for children under 17 years. Visit the planetarium you can for 17 euros, the aquarium - for € 16, terrarium - for 12 euros.
To get a discount on tickets to museums, touristsacquire a special card - Helsinki Card. It also entitles you to free travel on public transport and on the ferry. If you are interested in tours of the Finnish capital, the tourist agencies offer a wide assortment of various programs. Prices in Helsinki on tours available. For example, a tour lasting about 1.5 hours costs 30 euros. Sightseeing tour by bus or boat will cost 30 euros. During a walking tour of the city (2 hours) you will need to pay 15 euros.


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