Suburbs Helsinki - photos, what to see

The suburbs of Helsinki

The suburbs of Helsinki

The capital of Finland - a major cultural,educational and scientific center of the country. At the Helsinki metropolitan area is the region where more than a million people. Various authoritative ratings place it among the top five best cities in the world, it is considered one of the safest to stay and is recommended as a popular tourist route, which should pass.

main gate

The international airport of the country in the suburbsHelsinki - the capital is not the only attraction of the satellite. The main reason for the influx of tourists - located in Vantaa Research Center and the Eureka Museum, opened in the late 80-ies of the last century.
More than a hundred exhibits show in Eurekaphysical laws and scientific experiments. Among them, the most basic and familiar to any student of high school, and particularly sophisticated explanation which has not yet been found. Each museum visitor can easily take part in the experiment.
Three of the pavilion and enjoy the Eureka Science Parkvery popular with curious tourists of all ages. Children like to conduct laboratory research and observe the rats playing basketball. Guests of the complex can be seen with their own eyes the magic carpet or lift into the air car with conventional ropes.

brings people together

Cell Phones, without which it is difficult to imagineStatement of modern man, produces the Finnish subsidiary of the company Microsoft, based in a suburb of Helsinki, Espoo. A large satellite town of the capital city is also famous for its sporting achievements. In Espoo were born famous racers, skaters and hockey players.
Among the architectural sights - the ancient building of the temple, built in the XV century, which today serves as a venue for organ concerts.
Fans of outdoor activities and tourists with childrenlike to visit a local water park Serena. A variety of water activities are organized in the Helsinki suburb at a high technical level. Slides and cave-wave effects and sauna for children and their parents leave no one indifferent, and the most fearless and agile prefer hav-pipe or slope on inflatable cushions on the bustling waterways.
In summer, the water park is open daily, and in the autumn-winter period of waiting for visitors on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • The suburbs of Helsinki
  • The suburbs of Helsinki

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