Taxis in Helsinki - price, order. How much is a taxi in Helsinki

Taxis in Helsinki

Taxis in Helsinki

Taxis in Helsinki - a great alternative to public transport, especially as taxi companies provide their services to passengers at any time of the day or night.

Taxi Services in Helsinki

As an identification mark on the HelsinkiTaxi board has "Taksi" - if it lights up, it means that the machine is free, if not - then the driver is busy (he plans to go on incoming orders, or it is calculated for a passenger traveling).

In the holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well asduring peak hours, it is advisable to go to a special parking Taksiasema (with finding free car then no problem). If desired, you can use the airport taxi service by calling 0600-555-555. In Helsinki, operates a centralized call taxi service TaxiHelsinki - that you have submitted the machine, you need to make a phone call 0100-0700.

Council: if you plan to order a minivan, you need a car for transport of specific cargo or for people with disabilities, taxi stands and book in advance, telling the dispatcher about your wishes. To pre-order (it involves a surcharge of EUR 7) is to call the number 0100-0600.

To carry out taxi by sending an sms onNo. 13-170 (the cost of one message - 1.70 euros) - the report must specify the following: city, district, street, house with number and letter designation entrance. First, you will receive a message, which will be written: "Order received", and after a short time - a notification that a driver (taxi number xxxx) left on your order. If 10 minutes is not near your location match any cars, you will receive a message with the appropriate notice and a request to repeat the call again later.

The cost of a taxi in Helsinki

"How much is a taxi in Helsinki?"- One of the main issues arising from anyone who is planning to move around the capital of Finland for this transport. The answer to this question will help to get acquainted with the current tariffs:

  • planting is 6-9 euros;
  • trip is paid, based on the price 1.5-2.1 euros / 1 km (the price depends on the type of fare - a night more expensive);
  • 1 hour waiting passengers costs 30 euros;
  • children under 12 years of age can ride in a taxi for free, and for 2 children payment is made, based on the price of 1.52 euros / 1 km (equivalent to the cost of travel 1 adult).

On average, the trip from the airport to the center of Helsinki will cost about 35-40 euros.

Important: you can not smoke in a taxi - for violation of the prohibition provided for a system of fines.

Since taxis are equipped with meters, at the end ofa trip you have to issue a check, which is printed on a small printer. Pay the fare may be in cash, and in some taxis - credit card (check this possibility before the trip).

To resort to a taxi service in Helsinki - reliably and safely, because the local taxis - this upscale cars and their drivers - professionals.

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