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Transport in Helsinki

Transport in Helsinki

In Helsinki, you can easily move on foot and by various forms of public transport. What should I know to trip was the most convenient?


If you are interested in transport to Helsinki, you need to know which tickets are available.

  • The single ticket can be urbanused for trams, buses, trains and subways, as well as for the ferry to sail to the fortress of Suomenlinna. Purchase can be done from the driver or in the machine. Duration is exactly one hour from the moment of purchase. During this time period, you can use various transport, and if necessary - change.
  • Regional tickets allow you to move freely within the Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen.
  • A single travel card is valid from one toSeven days. This card allows you to use any desired form of public transport, without any time limit. Validity period starts from the date of first use.
  • A single ticket for two hours. This type of ticket is also beneficial, but it should take into account the limitations of his actions. If you plan to stay longer in Helsinki, the ideal choice would be the card to the selected number of days (one to seven).
  • Helsinki Card allows you to usenecessary form of public transport within the time period that was set in advance. Besides, you get to free entry to many museums centers and exhibition halls, committing one Audio Tour on the bus. Therefore, this type of card becomes ideal for travelers.


In our time, bus service is performed five organizations. The leading position is occupied by Helsingin Bussiliikenne Dv, which reaches a market share of 71.1%.


Tram in Helsinki began in 1891year. Electric trams there since 1900. Nowadays, this type of public transport is the most popular. In Helsinki, there are eleven tram lines and work 122 the wagon, and the total length of lines is 84.5 kilometers.


Metro opened in Helsinki in 1982. Today, Metro has seventeen stations with a total length of 21 kilometers. If desired, you can cross the city in just twenty minutes. In the near future they will be built a line in Espoo and Helsinki Airport. Work begins approximately at 5:30 and ends at 23.00 - 23.30. The exact schedule depends on the direction of the day of the week.

You can be sure that the public transport system is characterized by well-established. You can hire a taxi and get to your destination in the shortest possible time, if desired.

Helsinki - this is one of the most comfortable cities for tourists.


  • Transport in Helsinki
  • Transport in Helsinki
  • Transport in Helsinki

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