Water parks in Helsinki - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Helsinki

Water parks in Helsinki

Arriving in Helsinki, should be combined with a visit water parks - for sure it will be a memorable and joyful event for young and adult visitors.

Water parks in Helsinki

Aquapark "Serena" pleases visitors:

  • slides "Tornado", "Black Hole" with light-music, "Half Pipe";
  • "Wild stream", waterfalls, artificial river with rapids, pools, including "Dead Sea" and with waves;
  • 4 saunas (entrance in bathing suits and swimming trunks forbidden);
  • bars, restaurants ( "Granina"), shops.

A children's area is functioning, "Children's World." Important: because the Finns are not slates, before entering a zone of water rides, it is advisable to disinfect your feet under a special crane (it will show you the corresponding label).

Entrance fee: 0-4 years - free of charge, for the rest of the ticket, valid from 12:00 8:00 will cost 25.5 euros a ticket, valid 4 hours 16:00 - 21.5 euros, the ticket for 2 adults and 2 children - 98 euros (2 + 3 - 122.5 euros).

Waterpark "Flamingo": it is equipped with towers for diving, 7 swimming pools, including geyser and the "torrent" (designed for relaxation, and for the training of swimming, games and water polo), jacuzzi, children's and adult slides ( "the Familia", " Villivirta "," Inkaputous "," Magic Maya "), spa-area (Finnish sauna," hay ", massages, aroma therapy, mud baths). Important: in the spa-zone forbidden to enter with children (recommended age 20+).

Entrance fee: € 24 / adult, € 12 / 4-12 year-olds, a ticket for 2 adults + 2 children costs 64 euros. Visit the spa-area: 3-hour visit to 15:00 - EUR 22, 3-hour visit after 15:00 until 21:00 - EUR 32.

Water Activities in Helsinki

Visitors can head to the swimming center "Makelanrinne" -prebyvanie in his indoor swimming pool for adults will cost 6.5 euro, and children - 3.5 euros.

Wonderful vacation spot can be a beachAurinkolahti Beach (measured + sports leisure), Hietaniemi Beach (beach volleyball and mini golf plus the existence of a children's playground) and Mustikkamaa Beach (in addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can fry a barbecue).

The holiday program is to include a visitaquarium "Sea Life" (adult ticket - 15.5 euros, a children's ticket - 10 euros) - you will see sea horses, clownfish, piranhas, jellyfish, stingrays, hammerhead fish, zebra shark. And yet there is room cave by going to that, you will see the newly hatched baby turtles and can make interesting photos; and an interactive aquarium - here everyone will have a chance to learn about sea anemones, to touch sea urchins and crabs, and see the process of change in the shell hermit crab.


  • Water parks in Helsinki
  • Water parks in Helsinki

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