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Diving in Finland

Diving in Finland

Finland has always been associated with the winter andfrost, so diving in Finland - not too common form of recreation. But the man at least once to plunge into the clear waters of Scandinavia, will never be able to forget that beauty and will return again to enjoy the underwater beauty. Brood colorful fishes and coral gardens, you will not find here, but will get the opportunity to admire the decorated with stalactites underwater caves and grottos. Inspect the bottom of the flooded sand pits, as well as explore the many remains of the departed to the bottom of the ship.

Helsinki and Turku

Dive in Finland can both warm and cold seasons. Divers will see in the cold waters of Scandinavia completely different landscape than in the southern depths.

Numerous underwater caves and beautifulrocks, lots Rekov - shipwrecks, perfectly preserved state. More recently, one of such ships owned warlike Vikings, was raised from the bottom and placed in a Stockholm museum.

Finland Lakes

  • Saimaa. Quite an interesting place. Someone thinks that it is a lake, while others call - Lakes system. But in any case, Saimaa - the largest inland body of water of the country, which is a lake labyrinth.
  • Päijänne. Another popular dive site in Finland. Moreover, the most profound in the entire country. Lots of the local depth of up to 95-meters.
  • Inari (Inari). Geographically the lake is located inside the Arctic Circle and is a very deep - up to 93 meters in depth.
  • Oulujärvi. This is the "small" pond country. Average dive depth of 7 meters, and the locals call it the sea. After all, standing on one side, you see the opposite can not.
  • All lakes have Suomi much rugged coastline a huge number of islands and bays. The crystal clear waters, and therefore excellent visibility make them very attractive for diving.


The water area of ​​the islands barely Do not the most popularplace for diving in Finland. Baltic sea in these parts has the lowest content of sea salt, and because the ships gone to the bottom, have been preserved in excellent condition.

Of particular interest is the three-masted barque"Plus," which sank not far from Mariehamn in 1933. Rivers virtually destroyed, so is genuine interest. Self-immersion is prohibited. You will need an accompanying instructor.

Diving in Finland - entertainment specific and requires some training. It is worth remembering that you can rent any equipment for diving, except for fins, tube and mask.


  • Diving in Finland
  • Diving in Finland
  • Diving in Finland

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