Entertainment in Finland - amusement parks in Finland

Entertainment in Finland

Entertainment in Finland

If you decide to choose a place of rest Lapland,in travel plans, except for sightseeing, and be sure to include a visit to places of entertainment. Entertainment in Finland and is sure to delight you and your kids.

Mumm Park

Imagine the usual "Disneyland" only withoutamusement, instead of Mickey Mouse and you will be greeted Mumm-trolls. This is the Finnish Muumimaailma. Park took the whole island, located only 16 kilometers from Turku. It is home to fantastic characters, moved into real life from the pages of books known Finnish writer Tove Jansson. These fairy-tale characters, surprisingly reminiscent of white hippopotamus, hold for you and your child an exciting sightseeing trip in their possessions.

The park has no attractions, but there are manycafes and restaurant called "Kitchen Mumm-mother." The park is divided Botanical Garden, and has its own post office. So you can send your friends a special postcard, decorated with exclusive Mumm-mark and fabulous stamp.

It must be remembered that operates only in the summer park.

Sea Sea Life Centre

Aquariums filled with maritime centervarious inhabitants of the sea depths. Here you will see not only the sharks and rays, but also jellyfish, seahorses, tropical fish and other representatives of the kingdom of Neptune. Small aquarium filled with coral fish, and huge pools sport shoals of silvery herring. But especially a lot of impressions left after walking on the glass corridor, blazed through the pool with the sharks.

Especially like the visitors center the ability to feed the fish. And you can not just treat the sharks, but also skates, octopus and piranhas.

Zoo Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki Zoo occupies a vast territory. For the convenience of visitors the whole zoo is divided into eight thematic sectors. For example, the "Valley of the cat" has become the home of lions, tigers and snow leopards, and "Amazon" took care of monkeys, reptiles and a myriad of parrots. Bison, wild horses, deer and moose stroll in its huge pens, and a pen of wild goats there is even a huge cliff where the animals climb virtually in seconds.

There is also an unusual machine. And if you've always wanted to know how to smell a skunk, you simply press a button and everything, a complete picture is obtained. Of course, in addition to the flavor of this king skunks, there are smells and other animals.


  • Entertainment in Finland
  • Entertainment in Finland
  • Entertainment in Finland

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