Features Finland - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of Finland

Features of Finland

Finland - one of the most multi-faceted countries in Europe. You want to know it? So, we need to learn more about the national characteristics of the country.

The mentality of the Finns

Finns often give the impression of an old-fashioned,conservative people. They tend to keep old traditions and pass them to children. The communication may be noted restraint and calm, the desire to avoid too loud or fast talking, but the Finns differ in kind, sympathetic character. Any conflicts desirable to solve at the table during the negotiations without increasing the voice and trying to choose his words correctly. Remember that it is impossible to interrupt the interlocutor.

During the communication should also be aware of other nuances

  • Finns are used to greet each otherhands as Russian. Shaking hands can greet men and women. Finns are not accustomed to touching the shoulders and forearms, a pat on the hand, because they differ restrained character. However, girls can peck each other on the cheek. Be prepared for the fact that even on the streets of the Finnish cities is extremely rare to see people kissing, as the Finns do not like to show his own feelings in public.
  • The communication adopted quickly enough to move on"you". This format is permissible even in respect of a subordinate - chief. Due to the fact that this communication is a fashion trend, the older generation does not always support it.
  • The Finns call each other by name.
  • Install the friendship is difficult enough, but if this has been achieved, you can be sure that the friendship would be nice and long.

Features trips to visit

  • In Finland, people are not used to drop into oneother's homes. According to tradition, preparing to receive guests must be long and can last up to two weeks. All this time dedicated to the preparation of the table, the meeting program, buying gifts. It is important to note that preference is given to Finnish products. Foreign products are particularly popular uses.
  • Being late for a meeting can be seen as a manifestation of levity, which is why communication can be complicated.
  • If the meeting takes place outside the home, you need to remember about the equality of men and women, which suggests that each will pay for itself in a restaurant and other facilities.

leisure Features

Many Finns tend to be active andcorrect way of life. As a result, it may be noted in Finland traditions such as regular visits to the sauna, sports and fishing. Please note that the saunas are built in private homes and on the shores of lakes, in schools and universities, on the ground, which confirms a stable tradition. If you want to diversify your active leisure time, decide to ski training on skis, as this sport is most popular in this country.

Finland - a wonderful country with a rich culture, strong traditions.


  • Features of Finland
  • Features of Finland
  • Features of Finland

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