Activities in Finland with the children - photos, spas

Activities in Finland with children

Activities in Finland with children

Scandinavian neighbor of Russia - one of the mostpopular tourist destinations, and the rest in Finland with children are increasingly choosing the family, preferring to spend their holidays bright, exciting and diverse. In this country it can be great fun, and summer and winter, work out any kind of sport, to gain strength for the new school year and meet with your favorite characters of children's fairy tales.

"For" or "Against"?

For a leisure trip to Finland with children can beuse and air, and car and train. Not too long road will not tire, even toddlers and acclimatization in the country Suomi not need any adults or children. Ski resorts and amusement parks, convenient and comfortable shopping and delicious food, meeting in Santa Claus and the Moomins, fishing in clean lakes and hundreds of varieties of ice cream for dessert - all the delights of Finnish is difficult to enumerate. The unquestionable advantages of such leave can be attributed to the possibility of free accommodation in many hotels toddlers to 12 years.

Preparing properly

Health policy is to issue travelerto stay in Finland, to protect yourself from unforeseen costs. It is important to stock up on comfortable shoes for the baby, take warm clothes if winter vacation to be. Going to the ski resorts, you can count on the rental equipment on site.

Passwords turnout addresses

The most popular holiday address in Finland, children are known to all the local kids:

  • In the town of Naantali near Turku is locatedtheme park "Moomin World," and on the neighboring island Vyaski - year old amusement park, where adventure lovers delivers real pirate schooner.
  • The Tampere special success enjoyedSärkänniemi attractions, where kids are entertained by the inhabitants of the world's most northern dolphinarium, and the roller coaster make squeal with delight even the parents.
  • Hotel "Imatran Valtionhotelli" in the eastbuilt as a medieval castle. Its spa like adults, and swimming in the pool and surveillance of the famous waterfalls, rapids and Imatra will be interesting to the youngest members of the family.
  • Visit to Lapland home of Santa Claus -the main subject of dreams all kids of the world. Meeting with Santa, getting acquainted with his assistants and friends - the best way to please the child in the Christmas holidays.


  • Activities in Finland with children
  • Activities in Finland with children

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