The most beautiful places in Finland - photo

The most beautiful places in Finland

The most beautiful places in Finland

Finland - the country closest to Russia and verypopular among many tourists from around the world. Fishing on the Finnish lakes, shopping, castles and old churches - all waiting for tourists planning to visit one of the cities of this country. Finland has a lot of beautiful cities, and many of them are quite far from the well-known tourist centers and get them to have ground transportation, but it's worth it.


The capital of Finland and a tour treasurecountries. The city is located on the bay, has beautiful scenery and unique "northern" architecture. The proximity to the northern capital of Russia makes this city very popular among Russian tourists. Square Senaatintori, the Sibelius monument, the church on the rock, Helsinki Museum - this is only a small part of the places that you must visit in this city.


If you want to go into the past, the cityRauma - the perfect place. Here you will not find a bunch of tourists, because the city is far enough from the capital, and you can reach it only by road. But in return you get a comfortable and beautiful city, the center of which can not hear the noise of cars. Tourists can walk along the beautiful narrow streets, admire the old wooden houses, as well as to visit the Maritime Museum, City Museum and Museum of Marel.


The capital of Lapland, is located near the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi - the most popular winter city in Finland and is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus. Year in this town is divided into two main seasons - the season of polar night and polar day season. Visit Lapland Forest Museum Auttinkengyas waterfall and spend the night in a hotel made entirely of ice.


Arriving in Porvoo, you find yourself in the medievaltale. The main attraction of the city - Cathedral. Strolling through the narrow streets, you can get on the market square, or on the dock near the river. In addition, the city has a wonderful history of the novel by Alexander I and Finnish beauty Ulla Mёllersvard. Plunge at this time will help History Museum Porvoo.


This city is the third largest, it is surrounded by nearly two hundred lakes. Every tourist, who is in this city, simply must visit its main attractions:

  • Särkänniemi Amusement Park;
  • Little Palace "Pikkupalatsi";
  • Textile Museum, and Museum of steam engines.

This can be completed this modest list of beautiful cities in Finland. But we must understand that this is not all the beautiful cities of the country. This can also be attributed Pori, Turku, Kotka etc.


  • The most beautiful places in Finland
  • The most beautiful places in Finland
  • The most beautiful places in Finland

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