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North Finland

North Finland

The northern part of Finland, is located to the west ofMurmansk region. From Russia it separates approximately 200 km. This region occupies a vast area of ​​about 99 thousand square. km. North of Finland takes the biggest province of the country - Lapland. Its western side has a border with Sweden, Northern - Norway and east - with Russia. The southern part of Finnish Lapland, is adjacent to the province of Oulu. In the south of Lapland is the northern polar circle. Next to it is the capital of Northern Finland - Rovaniemi.
Other cities Finnish Lapland: Tornio, Kemi, Kemijärvi. In this area there are numerous lakes, rivers and swamps. The largest lake is the Inari-Jarvi. On the territory of Lapland, it takes the longest river of the country - Kemi, which stretches for 480 km. In the region there are artificial reservoirs: Porttipahta and Locke. The highest point of Finnish Lapland - Mount Halti, rising 1324 meters above sea level. The population of northern Finland is about 190 thousand people, and the density is very low. In the 1st quarter. km are only 1.2 people.


In the north of Finland is dominated by subarcticcontinental climate. Between the hills and the coast there is a significant elevation that provides a variety of nature. It is very noticeable difference between the seasons. Long winter with severe frosts, spring weather is nice, relatively warm summers and beautiful autumn - is a hallmark of climate Finnish Lapland. To experience this severe winter, to visit places located north of the Arctic Circle. In winter, there is observed the polar night. At the northernmost point of the region's sun does not appear over the horizon 50 days a year. In the middle of the autumn comes winter, which can hold about 200 days a year. At this time, the temperature reaches -50 degrees. At the end of spring in Lapland snow begins to melt, but the lake is still covered with a crust of ice. The air temperature does not rise above 0 degrees until May.

Best time to visit

The ski season in northern Finland begins inearly spring, when the snow is still very much a polar night ends. In May, there already you can walk in the sun. Short Lapland summer - the period of white nights and flourishing nature.
The feature of the landscape in the area of ​​Finland -large hill. To carry the largest Ylläs, Pallas, Levi, Olos. In addition there are hills plains, hills, extensive wetlands, river basins. In Lapland are 8 national parks, where you can see natural attractions. Rest in northern Finland is associated with local expressive nature. Tourists come here to enjoy the skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling. Popular activities include walks and stargazing in the polar night, swimming in an ice hole after a sauna, fishing and boating.


  • North Finland
  • North Finland

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