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Province Finland

Province Finland

In a country where lives the most famous winterSanta Claus wizard, on the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays the number of young tourists increased by several times. But in the rest of the year, Finland is not less popular among travelers, especially those who live in a bustling metropolis and major industrial centers. The former province of Finland, now called fiefs, ready to provide the complete disposal of tourists forests and woods, national parks, beautiful rivers and quiet lakes.

Lapland - small homeland of Santa Claus

It is, of course, in the northernmostareas of Finland, bordered by Russia, Norway, Sweden. So Santa, citizen of the world, may well have four passports from different countries. By the way, the local name for Santa Claus is able to pronounce every tourist, as well as the names of many Finnish cities and resorts.

For travelers with children Routelaid through a symbolic village of Santa Claus, accompanied by a tour of various fairy tales from the life of Santa and his reindeer friends. Adults will appreciate the cross-country skiing, ice skating on the ice surface of lakes in the forest, cozy snow-covered houses and the famous Finnish sauna.

Forest - Finnish wealth

Seven Finnish national parks, differentfrom each other, they are a huge attraction of this northern country. Lemmenjoki refers to the largest parks in Europe. On its territory freely settled pine forests and moorland, rivers and swamps. The highlight of this natural complex Finns called Ravadaskengas picturesque waterfall.

A distinctive feature of the national parkRiisitunturi - Canyon Korouoma, the length of which is about 30 kilometers. Bolot here a little, but enough high hills in abundance. stunning views from the banks of the canyon.

Where are the Moomins?

The answer is not to look in the book of the Finnishwriter Tove Jansson, are literary characters amazing mom. Each Native explain what a fantastic country located on the coast, near the town of Naantali.

To the place where the Moomins live, you can geta short train, it may already be adventure. In the valley created a fantastic village where there are streets and houses, towers and ladders, slides and swings. Everything is made of wood.

In the center of town is the main house, homeknown characters. You can see how they live, take pictures, and even invite guests. Every day, played on the stage presentation in Finnish, but the tourists understand the body language, facial expressions, movements, intonation and without translation.

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