Rivers of Finland - photo, a list description

Rivers of Finland

Rivers of Finland

Almost all Finnish rivers have the same ending - "Joki". And all because that in Finnish it means "river". Overall, across the country there are about six hundred rivers.

River Ivalojoki

The river runs through the northern part of the territoryFinland (Province Lappi). The total length of the channel - 180 kilometers. The source of the river is located in the park Lammenyoki (southern marshes in the hills Corsa). The main part of Ivalojoki passes through the area Hammastunturi. Place confluence - the water of Lake Inari. Here the river forms a vast delta, the length of five kilometers.

Ivalojoki was a popular place during the "gold rush". The locals even called it the "Gold River". And today, on its banks scattered many artisanal mines.

River Ilmenyoki

The bed of the river passes through the territory of Finland andpartially captures land of Leningrad Oblast - Vyborg and Priozersk - and Lahdenpohsky Karelia region. The source of the river is located in the swamps of Finland not far from the Russian-Finnish border. The river then immediately transferred to the Russian territory, which forms a natural border between Karelia and the Leningrad region.

transit river passes through several lakes: Pitkyayarvi; Eytyarvi; field; Novonivskoe; Herculean. The confluence Ilmenyoki - Lake Vuokasa (Fisherman's Strait).

River Kayaaninyoki

Geographically located on the territory of the riverFinland and crosses the province of Oulu. Home River Lake gives Nuasjärvi. Then it is sent to another lake - Oulujärvi. It is a transit pass and eventually flows into the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.

All its modern period of the riverKayaaninyoki attracted lovers of sport fishing. And today in the Oulu region, there are many well-equipped fishing spots. In addition, the bank of the river very well-kept, allowing catch fish everywhere.

River Oulanka

River channel runs through the lands of Finland andKarelia (Russia). The source of the river is located in the swamps around Salla. Then she takes the eastern direction and passes through the territory of the alpine region. The river passes through several lakes and has a sufficiently tortuous path. The park Oulanka river flows through the canyon Felsdurhbryuhe. As a result, it falls into the water of Lake Paanajärvi.

River kokemäenjoki

Kokemäenjoki flows through areasPirkanmaa and Satakunta (Finland). The total length of the river - 121 km. The source of the river - lake Liekovesi (near the city of Vammala). Then the river goes towards the west, passes the territory of Pirkanmaa and Satakunta, and graduated from the path, entering the Gulf of Bothnia (Baltic Sea).

Kokemäenjoki interesting because it has the widest among all Nordic river estuary.


  • Rivers of Finland
  • Rivers of Finland
  • Rivers of Finland

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