Streets Turku - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Turku

Turku Streets

Turku Streets

Turku - an ancient city in Finland, which was previouslyconsidered the capital of the state. In this city there are unique attractions, confirming an interesting past. Turku streets meet tourists in any season.

Scenic places Turku

Turku at different times has been in the Russian authorities andSwedes. The Finnish capital, he was up to the XIX century. Turku has experienced many historic events, but the old buildings it is almost absent. After a fire in the XIX century could not save them. Today the city has two major attractions: the cathedral and the medieval castle (13th century).

In past years, prevailed in Turku beautifulwooden buildings, which were almost completely destroyed. The city rebuilt stone low-rise buildings. Today Turku different wide and straight streets. There remained several monuments of the Middle Ages, which are in harmony with a modern ambience. The most interesting places are concentrated near the scenic shores of the River Aura, between the old castle and the magnificent cathedral.

Inspect Turku recommended to the MarketSquare (Kauppatori), which occupies the central part of it. From this area you can go to the waterfront. Central Street is a University that is completely pedestrian. Architectural style is mixed: Built in a classic style are combined with new houses. University street goes to the central square Kauppatori.

Where it is recommended to visit

At the heart of the city stretches Old Greatarea, which is surrounded by majestic buildings: the house Brinkalla, Yusleniusa, Heltina and Romer. In this beautiful area of ​​festivals, concerts and performances.

Among the attractions of the city deservesSwedish attention Turku Castle, founded in 1280 It is a beautiful building that has survived since the Middle Ages. Turku Castle - the most important historical monument in the country. Today, inside the castle operates a museum of the city history. Another popular tourist attraction - Cathedral. This is the main Lutheran church in Finland, built in the north-Gothic style.

Famous Luostarinmyaki object is a museum located in the open air in the heart of Turku. It consists of 30 wooden buildings forming 18 blocks.

Photos Turku streets

  • Turku Streets
  • Turku Streets
  • Turku Streets

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