Taxis in Rovaniemi - price, order. How much is a taxi in Rovaniemi

Taxis in Rovaniemi

Taxis in Rovaniemi

Despite its high cost, the taxi in Rovaniemiis a popular means of transportation in the city (open 24 hours a day), because public transportation is not well developed, and buses leave for the last flights early.

Taxi services in Rovaniemi

Take the free car can be parked on special. Thus, the largest of these sites you will find in the city center (look for a sign with "Taxi" sign).

To make an order for the supply of the machine,dial + 358 200 88 000, and then tell the dispatcher where you are now, how many of you people and where you want to go. And you can ask the administrator in a restaurant or hotel call a taxi for you.

Rent a car in Rovaniemi

Rent a car in Rovaniemi can be, for example, in the "Europcar" (+ 358 40 306 28 70) and "Scandiarent" (+ 358 16 342 05 06). On average, for this service, you pay 35 euro / day.

Moving to a rented car should bekeep in mind that in the center of Rovaniemi, mainly paid parking (1.40 Euro / 1 hour), but in general the city has more than 70 parking machines (with their help you will be able to pay for parking). The parking ticket, you need to put under the windshield so that it was clearly visible.

The cost of a taxi in Rovaniemi

The following information will help you with the prices know how much is a taxi in Rovaniemi:

  • If you order a taxi through a dispatcher service, your trip will add on the cost of 1.20 euros;
  • in the daytime (06: 00-20: 00) will be displayed on the meter fee for land in the amount of 5.70 euros, and landing on the night and holiday fare will cost 8.80 euros;
  • if you go by yourself or together, then 1 km will be charged at the price of 1.48 euros, if the three-four - 1,80evro if the five of us, six of them - 1.90 euros;
  • per child under 12 years fares are not charged, but for 2 children under the age of 12 years will have to pay as for 1 passenger.

Important: if you plan to take a taxi in the company of more than 4 people, it is advisable to hire a minibus - if your call will arrive 2 cars, you pay the fare is 2 times more money.

It is worth noting that public transportyou can not get from the airport to the city center - if necessary (if you previously did not care about the transfer), you can use the Airport Taxi Service. On average, the trip from the airport to the city center will cost 25 euros.

Pay the fare in local taxis can be in cash,as well as bank and credit card (if you are interested in non-cash payment in advance to find out whether there is in the car, in which you plan to go to the reception card terminal).

Get acquainted with the capital of Lapland is most convenient at the local taxi - it also takes you to Santa Park, where you will wait for theatrical performances, fun rides, exciting game ...

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