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Traditions Finland

Traditions Finland

"Nature Spirits" and "Strength of Earth" - two importantconcepts, which for centuries formed the basis of the Finnish culture. Residents of the country Suomi not represent itself without its vast plains, hills, thousands of lakes and rivers. Traditions Finland involved in the ancient pagan beliefs and customs of the peoples of neighboring countries, which undoubtedly influenced the worldview and lifestyle northern neighbors.

Culture cool people

Finns the rest of Europe thinks old-fashionedand conservative. They are slow in conversation and actions, and their traditions persistently transmitted from generation to generation, without paying attention to new trends and developments. Residents Suomi certain inherent aristocracy, manifested in the restrained emotions and calm speech, but because, being in Finland, is not too loud to express their feelings: you, at least, will not understand. Do not interrupt the interlocutor accepted here in mid-sentence and did not keep his promise. However, punctuality and pedantry common to all Finns in general, without exception.

If you are going to visit

Booking a tour to the northern neighbors, is to get acquainted with the most common traditions of Finland to trigger location and the owners do not appear in ambiguous situations:

  • Residents Suomi not too love to express theirfeelings in public. It is not acceptable to embrace and kiss in public. Do not behave this way, and tourists, in order not to cause a negative attitude.
  • In Finland all refer to each other "you", even if the person older. This is not to say contempt, just so accepted and it suits everybody.
  • By tradition in Finland leave a tip. Moreover, not only waiter and taxi driver, for example, or the bartender. The amount in percentage of accounts is not important enough to round only slightly larger in its side.
  • In restaurants and cafes it is assumed that each of the participants in gatherings pays for itself. However, we can offer it to treat a lady dinner - it will not be perceived as an attempt to prejudice its rights.
  • Going to visit in Suomi - it carefullyplanned. Traditions Finland does not imply the possibility of just "look at the light", but careful preparation of the meeting with gifts and pre-written program here - in the order of things.
  • Finns are concerned about their health, so regular exercise, trips to the sauna and a ban on smoking in public places - important attributes of the local lifestyle.


  • Traditions Finland
  • Traditions Finland
  • Traditions Finland

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