Water parks in Tampere - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Tampere

Water parks in Tampere

Hotels in Tampere, in entertainment be sure to include a visit to the water park, which is located at the "SPA Hotel Rantasipi Eden".

Water Park in Tampere

Waterpark "Eden" offers:

  • Whirlpool (jacuzzi there and outdoors), and swimming pools, including a wave pool and cold water (water temperature + 10˚ C);
  • geysers, artificial river, waterfalls,
  • swimming pool, which is surrounded by a children's mini-slides (if desired, kids can be involved in swimming lessons);
  • adult slides (the length of some of them - about 100 m);
  • "Eden's Eva" Therapeutic recreation complex withsaunas (Turkish, infrared, Finnish, Roman) and rooms where you can have a massage, including hot stone; In addition, there is the possibility of beauty treatments (services of beauticians and massage therapists are paid on tariffs, in addition, provides procedures packages for women, men and children);
  • gym (yoga, pilates and other fitness-load; 1 visit - 5 euros);
  • seating areas with terraces and sun beds;
  • cafes and restaurants (you can look at a dance restaurant "La Luna", where you can sample delicious dishes, as well as to take themselves dancing and watch the performances, a surcharge of 10 euros).

It should be noted that since the water arein "Eden" pools have different temperature settings from 10 to 37˚C, the visitors taking contrasting water treatments, will be able to strengthen the immune system and overcome some diseases (such procedures also contribute to weight loss). Entrance fee, the current 3:00: adults (14 years) - 20 euros, children - 16 euro ticket to the "2 + 3" - 54 euros.

Water Activities in Tampere

For you, is of interest to stay at the hotel with a swimming pool? You can stay in "Hotel Kauppi", "Holiday Club Tampere Spa", "Scandic Rosendahl" or other hotels.

Tampere Guests can go SarkanniemiAdventure Park (entrance tickets for children cost 19 euros, and for adults - 35 euros) - in addition to skiing on 30 rides (anyone can ride on a cheesecake for "Magic River" or "fly" through "Waterfall Tukuyoki"), you can stand on viewing platform, visit the planetarium and the dolphinarium (during the show dolphins walk on water, jumping in height, twist hoops and playing with a ball).

Since around Tampere is a lot of lakes inyou will have an excellent opportunity to go fishing (June-August), but before the fish (perch, chub, pike), it is advisable to obtain a license for this type of activity (7-22 euros).

As another entertainment can indulge in a stroll by boat on the lakes around Tampere, for example, by Lake Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi.


  • Water parks in Tampere
  • Water parks in Tampere
  • Water parks in Tampere

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