What to take to Finland. What kind of things and medicines to bring to Finland

What to take to Finland

What to take to Finland

If you are interested in, what to take to Finland, thenfirst check the climate of this country. Tourists are recommended to pay close attention to your wardrobe. In this country there are two seasons - summer and winter. Spring and autumn there are very fast, so do not remember. Winter in Finland is too long, however, days, in this time short. You can watch the polar night on the territory of Lapland.
In Helsinki (the southern part of the country) WinterIt lasts 5 months. In Lapland (northern Finland), it reaches 7 months. All of Finland is covered with snow, all the lakes and rivers freeze. Therefore, the Finnish winter ideal for skiers. The best months for them are the March and February. Given these features of the climate, bring your warm clothes: a jacket, sweater, hat, socks, scarf, etc...

Necessary things for tourists

For fans of active rest is neededclothing that is waterproof and retains heat. It is very important to have good shoes with thick soles. In case of rainy weather boots grab. In Finland there are excellent water parks. If you plan to visit one of them, put in a travel bag swimsuit, slates and rubber cap.
Some tourists were carrying skis, and evenbicycles, as the country offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. To travel light this is not an option. If you do not want to drag myself to extra weight, do not take sports equipment. Such equipment can be rented on the spot.
The most important!
The main thing to be taken care of, going to theFinland - sufficient funds. This country has a widespread euros. Therefore, with a dollar you can not take it. Exchange dollars - is not a problem, but the course is not very profitable. In Finland, all the conditions for cashless payments. Everywhere accepts payments by bank cards MasterCard and Visa.

essential stuff

The journey should take the card, Russian-FinnishPhrasebook and navigator. Assemble a first aid kit to have on hand the first aid. Among the drugs should be painkillers, cold remedies, common cold, allergies. Tourists who have already been in Finland, it is recommended to take money from mosquitoes and midges. If your trip will take place on the scenic Finnish forests, then, without repellents you can not do. In Finland, a popular gathering strawberries. To participate it is necessary knee. The suitcase also need to put the camera and camcorder. In a country so many beautiful natural attractions and delightful scenery.

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