Where to eat in Lappeenranta - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in Lappeenranta?

Where to eat in Lappeenranta?

Where to eat in Lappeenranta? This question is raised by virtually all the campers in the Finnish city. It offers travelers - restaurants, cafes, fast food places.

Where to eat cheaply in Lappeenranta?

Cheaply you can eat in the cafe at the gas station "Neste Oil" - an average meal here will cost 9 euros (soup + bread + drink costs 6.2 euros, soup + salad - 7.4 euros).

Snack delicious home-made food, visit cafes Isaak. Here you will be served salads, cakes, pastries, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

If you will relax in Lappeenranta in summerbe sure to visit the floating restaurant Princessa Armaada - here you can not only enjoy excellent dishes at affordable prices, but also to enjoy the wonderful view opening from here to the lake and castle.

Where to eat in Lappeenranta tasty?

  • Sarapirtti Kippurasarvi: in this restaurant you can sample the signature dish of lamb syarya (it is cooked in the oven by prolonged heating). In addition, in this place you will pay only 1 time and will be able to take portions of this dish as much as you want.
  • Lounas-Kahvila Lemon: this restaurant specializes in traditional Finnish cuisine based on wild meat, fish, mushrooms, wild berries. There certainly should try to national cereal sausage.
  • Majurska: in this cafe, located in the fortress, lovers of cakes and biscuits, which then serves coffee, tea, soft drinks and cocktails.
  • Wolkoff: the menu of this restaurant make meals of fish (walleye, lake trout, salmon, whitefish) and meat (venison, lamb, wild boar, elk meat). It is worth noting that the dishes prepared here flavored with herbs grown in a small garden in the courtyard of the restaurant (there and then grown berries).
  • Aleksandra: past this cafe in no way be held sweet tooth - here they can enjoy real masterpieces of confectionary art.

Gastronomic tours of Lappeenranta

As part of a gastronomic tour of theLappeenranta, accompanying guide takes you through the authentic cafes and restaurants where you will be treated by national Finnish delicacies (mainly, it is fish dishes).

You can visit the workshop If you wish forpreparation of Finnish popular dishes that can be tasted afterwards with a glass of traditional hot drink "Glega". In addition, within the framework of the master class you will learn how to make coffee for a special Finnish recipe.

In Lappeenranta There are many institutions,specializing in the Finnish national cuisine, offering its guests to taste delicious dishes being prepared according to traditional recipes, at reasonable prices.


  • Where to eat in Lappeenranta?
  • Where to eat in Lappeenranta?
  • Where to eat in Lappeenranta?

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