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Most trampoline in Paris

Most trampoline in Paris

Every traveler connects Paris with somethingspecial for yourself, because there are no two identical routes selected tourists caught up in this city. One like temples and churches, while others prefer gardens and parks, and someone tries to pass on all the bridges of Paris. The latter here has nearly four decades only in the Avenues, and therefore the emergence of a new and completely different from the others-trampoline bridge in Paris, fans of such buildings received with great interest.

Designed in French

Local studio AZC design of the proposed projectunusual-trampoline bridge in Paris for several years. The basis of the idea - inflatable modules connected to each other and connecting the banks of the Seine near the center of the city. Initially, the idea was not successful: both the authorities and the citizens reacted to the project very skeptical.
However, Paris regularly shake likeinnovations in terms of architecture, which, according to natives, catastrophically spoil familiar harmony of old neighborhoods. Take, for example Eiffel Tower, whose appearance in the urban landscape at the end of the XIX century has caused a storm of protest. However, today it has become the most visited and photographed landmark of the world, despite the fact that some Parisians still prefer to dine in the restaurant located in it only because there is not the creation of the great Eiffel CORN their eyes.
No less resentment caused constructionCenter for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou, opened in the 70s of the twentieth century. His controversial views confused respectable Parisians, and the center until they protested, was the third in the number of annual visitors to the country's attraction.

Test of strength

New bridge trampoline in Paris joined the easta small part of the Swan Islands and XV district of the French capital. It consists of three 30-meter inflatable module, whose strength has been confirmed not only by mathematical calculations, but also fans of all unconventional and interesting. Modules are "stitched" in the 94-meter structure, net "gender," which allows you to see the water of the Seine during the crossing.
The location of the new ParisSights not chosen by chance. Nearby soars into the sky trehsotmetrovoy Eiffel Tower, so the bridge has all chances to soon become the least-visited city facilities.


  • Most trampoline in Paris
  • Most trampoline in Paris

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