Excursions in Paris. Sightseeing tours in Paris

Tours in Paris

Tours in Paris

City independent artists, the greatest museumspeace and in love ... and it's all about Paris. If you have an opportunity to visit the French capital, be sure to make sightseeing tours in Paris that both of this wonderful city, you can learn more.

Excursions in and around Paris

  • Safari Park is the only park of Thoirythis kind, which is not far from Paris, and one of the first safari parks in Europe. It is home to many diverse animals that roam freely on the territory of Thoiry. For younger visitors of the park there is an entertainment area where a child can ride the rides and slides. If you are hungry, it offers a great restaurant with excellent cuisine, which is located near the entrance to the garden.
  • Palace of Versailles Park and Le Notre. Palace of Versailles - it is one of the most famous royal palaces of Europe, as well as one of the most visited attractions in France, well, of course, after the Eiffel Tower. In France, a lot of beautiful castles, but his acquaintance with the royal heritage should begin with the Palace of Versailles. In the palace you will find a Hall of Mirrors, the luxurious apartments of the King and rich history of Versailles. There also is a huge park with flower beds, antique sculptures, pavilions and fountains. This park is called Le Notre - a real joy for the human eye.
  • Montmartre - a high hill in the north of Paris. Climbing this hill, you can feel and see with their own eyes the quiet beauty of the old Paris.
  • The Louvre is one of the oldest museums in theworldwide. This museum has a huge collection of the world's historical relics. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to get around the entire Louvre in one tour. However, you can get acquainted with the most famous masterpieces of the museum. These include paintings by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Veronese and other great masters.
  • On the left bank of the Seine River is a museum d'Orsay, which mainly includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, furniture 1848-1915 period.
  • Disneyland Paris - a world of happiness and joy,they live in the beautiful princes and princesses, and dreams become reality. Visit to Disneyland Paris - it is the only opportunity to see the world of Walt Disney, without crossing the ocean.

If you have not been to Paris, then be sure to visit this beautiful French city with its amazing architectural and historical monuments.

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  • Tours in Paris
  • Tours in Paris
  • Tours in Paris

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