Rent a car in France. Car Rental in France - Prices

Rent a Car in France

Rent a Car in France

In France, a lot of interesting things and placesnot limited to the central streets of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Notre Dame. Outside the city preserved many wonderful medieval castles, also have the opportunity to see the fragrant lavender plantations. It is interesting to get to Brittany and wander at low tide on the seashore, where right on the sand remains a lot of sea creatures. And all this will be possible, if embark on a road trip.

rent payment and Features

The machine can be rented. To rent a car in France, you will need an international driving license and bank card (and sometimes two). You must be at least 21 years (for a number of models of cars stricter age requirements - 23 years), with regard to driving experience, it must be not less than a year. Large companies may be required to pay a "young driver fee" if you are under 25 years old.

In France, the rental costs often include:

  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Insurance from "damaged cars"
  • VAT.

Plus, for an extra chargeinsure the car against theft, take the child seat, or to register in the contract of the second driver. The car is given a fully seasoned, and therefore must return it in the same condition. When the car is taken for more than two days, it you have the right to put in another city, and for an additional charge.

Rent a car in France you will cost € 60-70 per day if this is the machine of class with the navigator. But there is also an economy option for rental 30 €.

Moreover, according to some travel the roads of Franceis paid. The cost depends not only on the track but also from the class of the car, which on it are going to enter. You can see it on the scoreboard when entering the paid section. Here, accept payment and credit cards, and cash. Paid road and stretches of road in France are indicated by the letter "A" on a blue road sign. Often paid are bridges or tunnels. In fact, there is often observed an interesting "hysteresis", where you can enter the tunnel in one payment, and return - in a few big. You've got to be on guard so as not to remain "trapped".

For example, Mont Blanc tunnel length of 11.6km, connecting the French Chamonix and Courmayeur Italian, will cost 38.90 euros one way. And it is better to pay 48.60 euros for travel back and forth, because the call in the same tunnel with the Italian side have to be expensive.

If you take a rental car in France, it isIt will allow you to truly experience the full local flavor. You will have a unique chance to see the visit of Bordeaux and Champagne vineyards, shoot the breeze on the famous Gangnam, and all this in time for the holiday alone.


  • Rent a Car in France
  • Rent a Car in France

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