Holidays in Baden-Baden - photos. Summer holidays in Baden-Baden (Germany) 2015

Holidays in Baden-Baden

Holidays in Baden-Baden

Holidays in Baden-Baden - a healing thermal springs, green parks and gardens, manicured streets, modern hotels, tempting shopping, the famous casino.

The main types of holiday in Baden-Baden

  • Treatment: for treatment in local health centers are actively used water from 20 thermal springs (temperature + 58-68˚ C) for drinking, medicinal baths and inhalations. Those interested can visit the thermal baths of Caracalla and Friedrichsbad (evidence: neuritis, circulatory disorders, gynecological diseases, arthritis, etc.): rehabilitation and treatment are based on balneotherapy and thalassotherapy (Roman and Irish baths, bathing in thermal pools, massage using soap foam and a special brush, cold shower). And you can use anti-aging programs and undergo cosmetic procedures, if desired, in these complexes.
  • Sightseeing: the excursions you can walk along the Lichtentaler avenue, visit the Black Forest (you will walk through the pine forest), house-museum of Brahms, the Museum Frieder Burda, rosaries Genneranlage, explore old castle ruins, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration, Turgenev monument.
  • Active: tourist resort offers golf and tennis on the outdoor courts or in closed halls, visit the Kurhaus (this building is a casino, a nightclub, a restaurant, slot machines, a concert hall), go to the races at the local racetrack Iffezheim, spend time in the cable garden, fun "Max's" in a nightclub. And families with children to enjoy the city library - read here daily interesting lectures and organize children's parties.

Prices for tours to Baden-Baden

Rest in Baden-Baden is possible throughout theyear, but the preferred time for rest is considered April-October. the resort Prices are not low, and they are increasing in the high season (May-September), as well as during the festival, such as the Wine and Music. Few can save, arrived here in March and April, in the winter and October-November.

On a note!

In many stores, restaurants and hotels for paymentaccept credit cards, but if you need to exchange currency, making it best in banks and not in exchange offices (rates are less favorable).

On the walk it is worth taking a copy of an identity document - it will come in handy if you have been tested or if you decide to pay for goods and services by credit card.

Mementos from Baden-Baden can be jewelry, Meissen porcelain products, cosmetic products based on thermal water, a set of beer mugs.

Photos rest in Baden-Baden

  • Holidays in Baden-Baden
  • Holidays in Baden-Baden
  • Holidays in Baden-Baden

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