Berlin for children - what to see. Where to go with the child in Berlin

Berlin for children

Berlin for children

Berlin is the capital of not only Germany, but alsoa real find for a family holiday, a city for children. There are many beautiful parks with playgrounds, museums, movie theaters, entertainment centers, children's cafes and other unique attractions.

Where to go with children

In the first place, to the zoo, which has the statusthe largest zoo in Europe. By the number of animal species, 150 thousand are here, it is the world's leading status. In close proximity is gorgeous aquarium, which occupies the whole three floors.

Natural History Museum introduces youngDinosaur lovers of ancient history. Here you can see the skeleton of a huge dinosaur whose height is 12 meters, as well, not only to learn how to make layouts for the exhibits, but also to try to create your own.
The "Labyrinth" children's museum organized a wholeplayground and training, divided into ten different themes and equipped with colorful exhibits. Experienced animators will occupy kids writing, modeling, reading, math and other school subjects.
On the playground, at the same time beingchildren's museum called "Do with us," is a specialized printing house and workshop where talk about the production of paper and even allowed to own anything to print.
Technology Museum will like boysas the exposure is collected from aircraft, ships, trains, and various types of household appliances. Exhibits can not only treat, but also to touch, climb on them, presenting himself as a pilot or captain.


In the immediate vicinity of the railway station inthe shopping center is the country of Lego and Legoland. It is a miniature of the Berlin Lego bricks. It is possible to spend a whole day by going on a treasure hunt, or Master of Design your own city. Kids up to three years free admission.
Very close from Legoland is a huge theater showing the film in 3D.
Be sure to visit the entertainment centerJack Fun World, an area of ​​400 square meters, the largest in the city, which can be circled on the train plying. Children will love the cable car, a variety of slides, trampolines, trampolines, a game of mini-golf and a video game room.
In the suburbs of Berlin, a 66-thousand squaremeters located a huge water park that operates around the clock, where you can have fun on the rides and see the performances of professional artists.
To the child can feel like a real cowboy in the capital city established "Eldorado" with the dwellings of the Indians, horse riding and costumed video.
And, of course, we can not ignore the wax museum Madame Tussauds, Gardens of the World Park Marzahn, striking for its beauty and abundance of plants, and unforgettable flight over the city in a balloon.
Travel to Berlin with children will leave only positive emotions and a desire to come here again.


  • Berlin for children
  • Berlin for children
  • Berlin for children
  • Berlin for children

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