Berlin in 3 days: where to go in Berlin

Berlin 3 days

Berlin 3 days

The German capital is the second largestthe city of the European Union. It preserved some features of the medieval building. Its churches and squares, museums and theaters are popular with tourists, and beautiful parks are an essential point of the program "Berlin in 3 days", as the main city in Germany - one of the greenest in the Old World.

The symbols and landmarks

The German capital - is merged into a singleagglomeration historic quarter Nikolaiviertel and several satellite towns. As a result, he formed the so-called Greater Berlin, whose sights were scattered in various areas.
The main hallmark of his capital Germanscalled Bradenburgskie gate, built in the late XVIII century. They are called the Gate of Peace, because once they were entering the city. Landmark in the classical style was made in the image Propileyah the Acropolis in Athens.
No less important a symbol and a landmark for tourists caught up in Berlin for 3 days, is the tower in the Mitte district. High-rise construction is present on all the postcards of the city.

According to ancient avenues

For the active tourists the project "Berlin in 3 days" does not seem too difficult. With proper wish, you can have time to visit all the most memorable main places of the city:

  • Cathedral - the largest the ProtestantTemple, built in the late XIX century in baroque style. The majestic structure of Silesian marble reaches 114 meters, and park in front of the temple is a unique example of high quality landscape design.
  • Park Lustgarten on Museum Island, who was part of the City Palace. His laying began in the XVI century, then the park has undergone many changes and has served the citizens for a variety of purposes.
  • Maiden Bridge, famous for its legends andrituals associated with it. It is the oldest and the only drawbridge in the German capital. It had once been the best in town sewing shops and restaurants, where visitors become exclusively male.
  • Neue Wache, where he opened a memorial in honor of all the victimsand destruction of recent wars. The building was constructed at the beginning of the XIX century in the style of German classicism. Despite the relatively compact dimensions, it produces an impressive memorial impression and looks monumental and solemn, to be the subject of a visit to Berlin, a guest for 3 days.
  • Palace Bridge, the first version of which existed in this place between the banks of the Spree in the XV century. Famous for the fact that it is for him in the city of Napoleon entered in 1806.


  • Berlin 3 days
  • Berlin 3 days

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