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The best restaurants in Berlin

The best restaurants in Berlin

The German capital is good for travel and on itsMe, and the company with a chic Paris, Amsterdam and free gourmet Vienna. Offering beautiful picture of the city, who was able to rise from the ashes and ruins, rebuild many monuments. Local residents were able to preserve their identity, which is now clearly demonstrate the museums, galleries and the best restaurants in Berlin.

At the mere mention of the German kitchen everytraveler draws a picture of gorgeous, plentiful table. At the heart of this gastronomic paradise - stewed pork ribs, smoked sausage surrounded by army troops and a glass of delicious beer. But the German capital has to offer not only traditional dishes, there is also the possibility to taste the national dishes of different countries and creative experiments of modern cooks.

German tradition

Start gastronomic acquaintance with Berlinbest with Zillemarkt restaurant where prepared according to old local recipes. The institution has already celebrated its centenary, because we can say with confidence that it has a long tradition. A restaurant its name was in honor of the famous German photographer and graphic Heinrich Zille, to creative experiments, that the Germans are treated with great respect.

Aroma time

Nante-Eck - another well-known metropolitan restaurantwith German cuisine invites you on a journey through the pages of history. Interior design in the style of European salons of the late XIX - early XX centuries. The food menu and drinks typical of Berlin in the region:

  • tenderest veal liver and Berlin;
  • shpreevaldskaya appetizing fish frying;
  • knuckle of pork with sauerkraut - hit of the season.

The perfect complement to each of these dishes became a glass (two, three), Berlin white beer.

Maximum delicious

Such associations appear guestsrestaurant with an interesting name Maximilians. No one goes away hungry or disappointed and cheerful atmosphere reigning here on weekends and holidays, it contributes to the emergence of new institutions dedicated fans.

The chefs know very well that no foreigndishes and recipes can not be compared with roast pork, sausages and ribs, cooked on a traditional Bavarian recipes. And the German beer to compete with very few people will be able to drink of the world, and they are losing in quality and in quantity.


  • The best restaurants in Berlin
  • The best restaurants in Berlin
  • The best restaurants in Berlin

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