Entertainment in Berlin - photo. Amusement parks in Berlin.

Entertainment in Berlin

Entertainment in Berlin

Entertainment in Berlin - and it is a walk in the parks, and nightclubs, and viewing theatrical performances, and cycling ...

Amusement Parks in Berlin

  • Themed "Eldorado" Western Park: here like a vacation fans of the Wild West - they offer horse riding, visit the Indian dwellings, snack in this saloon, photographed in a sheriff costume, cowboy or a redhead, archery, rent themed family film. Tip: If one day out here, you will not be enough, you can spend the night at a theme hotel or ranch.
  • "Legoland": Children are offered to assemble robots, machines or parts of ships "Lego" the designer, as well as to spend time in any of the 15 thematic areas are located here. For example, the whole family is there to look at the famous sights of Berlin - in the area of ​​"Miniland" - these miniatures as made of "Lego".

What kind of entertainment in Berlin?

If you like to experience the thrill,visit Berlin Panic Room: here you can wander through the halls of a haunted houses and, as well as look into the museum exhibition is devoted to the Second World War.

While vacationing in the capital of Germany, be sure tovisit the botanical park "Gardens of the World": Because there are several thematic zones, you can visit the Italian, Japanese, garden, labyrinth and others.

Another interesting entertainment can becomevisit the Aquarium "Aqua Dom" - here you can see more than 2,000 fish, use the elevator services to look into the interior of the tank and climb to the top platform.

Activities for Children in Berlin

  • Entertainment complex "Jacks Fun World": young visitors here will be able to ride on the exciting rides, climb on equipped for this activity walls, to take part in fun games, take pictures with the fairy tale characters and clowns.
  • Children "Machmit" Museum: Younger guests of the museum will take part in various experiments (creation of lightning or fog), visit the paper shop, where they will show the process of making sheets of paper (in a small local print shop, they can take part in the production of greeting cards). But moving children in the museum will be able to walk through the mirror hall, climb the tower, web and large maze.
  • Ceramics Studio: Children will be given here for a list of items (tableware, figurines of birds and animals, Easter eggs), brushes, paints, stencils and other necessary equipment. Tip: when painting in the studio should be back in a few days to pick up your child's masterpiece after firing.

It does not matter whether you are visiting the German capital once or many times, for you there is always a new attraction in Berlin.


  • Entertainment in Berlin
  • Entertainment in Berlin
  • Entertainment in Berlin

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