How to fly from Berlin to Moscow? Flight time Berlin - Moscow

How to fly from Berlin to Moscow?

How to fly from Berlin to Moscow?

In Berlin, you are sure to not only see the buildingReichstag, but also climbed to its roof to enjoy the opening out views of the city and visited the numerous Berlin museums, stroll through the park Tiergarten (summer here ride bikes or boats, and in winter - skating), pleased their children visit theme park "LegoLand", went to Potsdam and visited the famous Sanssouci Palace and park. But vacation time coming to an end and you are important to know how many hours you spend on the way home?

How to fly from Berlin to Moscow, a direct flight?

Moscow and the capital of Germany, separated from each other1600 km, which means that your air travel will last about 3 hours. Thus, a "Aeroflot" or "German Wings" your last 2.5 hours of air travel, and with "Transaero" - 2 hours 45 minutes.

It is worth noting that tickets at the lowest prices (approximately 7000-8000 rubles), you can buy in April and September.

Flight from Berlin to Moscow with change

On the way from Berlin to Moscow for travelerscan offer to make a change at Frankfurt, Riga, St. Petersburg, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen. Flights to the Russian capital with a transfer in Brussels ( "Brussels Airlines") takes 11 hours in Riga ( "Air Baltic") - at least 5 hours (this carrier offers passengers to use as a short-term, from 1 hour, and long, from 7:00 before the day connecting flights), Tallinn ( "Estonian Air") - 5-6 hours.

Select airline

Your return will be at homeaircraft (Boeing 737-800 Freighter, Embraer 190, Airbus A 320, De Havilland DNC 8 Dash 8-400) one of the following airlines: "Air Berlin"; "Lufthansa"; "Iberia"; "Aeroflot"; "AirBaltic".

For service flights Berlin-Moscow respondsTegel Airport (TXL) - of the central areas of the city here deliver passengers on a bus. It offers a snack or a good meal in one of the food outlets (you will please the presence of the menu of dishes), get in the shops of branded clothing and other things, to buy a newspaper or magazine in the appropriate kiosk, luggage storage (here you can drop off your luggage and outerwear ), spend time in the recreation area. If necessary, you can always turn to the airport staff, whose specialization - providing assistance to passengers in the package of hand luggage and baggage.

If you have a desire, you can for a small fee to climb to the observation deck, located on the roof of the airport, to admire and take pictures of the takeoff and landing aircraft.

What to do in an airplane?

In flight, you will be able to read andalso decide which of the relatives to give quality watches, gadgets, porcelain, wooden toys, teddy bears, magnets with a piece of the Berlin Wall, beer glasses, bags with the words "Berlin", chocolate and other souvenirs bought in Berlin.


  • How to fly from Berlin to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Berlin to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Berlin to Moscow?

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