Prices in Berlin - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Berlin

Prices in Berlin

Prices in Berlin

Berlin is one of the major tourist sites for the Russians. It draws its entertainment and attractions. Let us examine what prices in Berlin in the field of tourism services.

Where to live a traveler

In Berlin, you can find affordable and comfortablehousing among the abundance of offerings. It is best to book a place before the trip, if you plan to visit the capital of Germany in the summer. In August and July in the town visited by many foreigners.
Prices for hotel rooms are not very high. They are lower than in Rome, London and Paris. Room rates sharply during cultural events, festivals and exhibitions. During summer, the hotel does not have free space. Rent beds in a hostel can be 300 - 900 euros. Hotel Room 1 * is from 1200 to 2700 euros. 2 * Hotels offer rooms cost from 1000 to 3300 euros. The most expensive places to eat in 5 * hotels - from 4,300 to 13,000 euros per day. In the center of Berlin has a network two-star hotels, where accommodation comes at an affordable price. The most famous and large hotels are located in the central part of the city. To get acquainted with the sights of the capital, it is better to stay close to the Friedrichstrasse (Berlin-Mitte district). This area is considered to be a tourist. There are many budget hotels.

Berlin Attractions

Sightseeing tours are inexpensive. Examine the local sites as possible during hiking on the program of Sandeman's New Berlin. The cost of such trips is 5 euros. Tourists pay a guide, which introduces them to the history of the city. Tickets in Berlin's museums are worth a maximum of 5 euros. Visit museums at a discount are those who acquired the Berlin card. Guided group tour in Germany costs about 360 euros.

Catering tourists

You can easily find restaurants in Berlinaffordable food prices. Some hotels include breakfast in the rate. If this service is not available, then you can always buy a sandwich, yogurt, juice and coffee. Grab a snack in the cafe is a 5 - 8 euros.
Enjoy local residents can be in the kitchentraditional restaurants. They offer beer, Bavarian sausages, braised cabbage, sausages, potato salad and other dishes. Tourists leave good reviews about Bavarian restaurant, which is among the institutions Europa-Center shopping center. Over a glass of beer will need to pay around 5 euros.

For availability of food prices, Germany ranked first among European countries. Make purchases better in supermarkets where products are cheaper than in small shops.


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