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Independent travel to Dresden

Independent travel to Dresden

"The German Florence" called the capital of SaxonyDresden city. Its stunning architectural monuments, art galleries, excellent restaurants with traditional German cuisine annually attract many visitors to Dresden.

When to go to Dresden?

Spread in the Elbe River valley, the city of "uses"its proximity and "offers" mild weather in both summer and winter. Sub-zero temperatures is not there even in January, so a trip to the Christmas or New Year in Dresden will be a great opportunity to spend a winter vacation. In spring and summer the city comes a particularly pleasant time for hiking and sightseeing, and fall months are good for travel around the city by bike, visits to castles in the valley of the Elbe, and many get-togethers in the street cafes.

How to get to Dresden?

The city has an international airport, whereseveral times a week fly direct flights from Moscow. For those who are traveling through Europe by train, stay in Dresden begins with its train station, where the high-speed trains are not coming only from other cities in Germany, but in many countries of the Old World. To visit Dresden Russian tourists Schengen visa is required. Move around the city most profitable seasonal travel card which is valid for all modes of transport, and costs less than a few single tickets.


Next to the main cityplaces will be difficult to find a budget hotel, but because for the budget travelers will help you stay hotel on the outskirts of the city such as "bed and breakfast". For safety it will not affect, and will help to save.

Argue about taste

Saxon cuisine - hearty, calorie, and evena little heavy. Beef and potatoes, cottage cheese and sweet cakes - the menu is not conducive to long walks and excursion program execution. However, the restaurants and cafes of Dresden in abundance and offer a menu of different countries, but because every independent traveler will find here a dish to your liking. To save is to move away from popular tourist destinations, and turning away from the main streets to find a restaurant that prefer lunch or dinner Germans. Pleasant prices and excellent quality of food and service are guaranteed.

Cognitive and exciting

Dresden each traveler his, butits main masterpieces tend to see everything. "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael in the great Dresden Art Gallery and the monument to Augustus the Strong, covered with plates of gold, the most famous dairy store in the world, and Japanese Palace of the XVIII century, castles Ekberg and Lingnershloss - about all the attractions of the capital of Saxony is impossible to tell!

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