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Tours in Hamburg

Tours in Hamburg

This city in Germany has established severalsolid records. It is the most populated in the Old World among non-capital cities, one of the largest ports in Europe, the second largest population in the country and the seventh - the European Union. But for travelers who book trips to Hamburg, all of these records are not so significant. Much more important historical sites and museums, parks and restaurants, galleries and shops, in a word, everything that constitutes the meaning of "quality holiday".

History and geography

Hamburg is located a hundred kilometers from the mouthElbe, which flows smoothly into the North Sea, making the marine harbor jutting far into the mainland. So actually spaced at 110 kilometers from the sea, the city is not only the river, but also a seaport.
The climate and the proximity of the sea providesuniform rainfall throughout the year and rather mild winter, when the thermometer rarely drop below five in the afternoon. Summer is pretty cool and rainy, the temperature usually does not exceed 23. The best time for tours in Hamburg - April, when the most minimal rainfall, and a pleasant 15 makes comfortable walk.
City appeared on the world map in the V century during the time ofGreat Migrations. Like other European cities, Hamburg fought a lot, rises and falls, built the fortress and tried to win his place in the sun. Today, its population steadily approaching two million, and the level of economic development allows to consider the city one of the most advanced in the world.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights from the Russian capital last about 3.5hours and carried out by German and Russian airlines. From International Airport Flyaway persons in Hamburg can reach the city center on a non-stop bus for half an hour to reach the central railway station.
  • All public transport in the city is uniteda single system, which allows to use the same ticket for travel on the subway and urban trains, and buses. If we add here the ferries and commuter trains, the picture is not only convenient, but also very profitable economically.
  • Hamburg Guests are entitled to preferential purchase card not only gives discounts on transportation, but also makes it much less to pay when buying tickets for museums and guided tours.
  • Theatre "Neue Flora" - a favorite vacation spot not only residents, but also the participants of tours in Hamburg. According to the number assigned musicals this theater scaffolding is second only to New York and London.


  • Tours in Hamburg
  • Tours in Hamburg

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